Monday, October 20, 2008

The Stone Frigate

... or Stone Brain

Last night, I went to bed humming The Stone Frigate, which is one of the hundreds of tunes in the [fiddling] jam book that we use. Except that at the time, I couldn't remember the name: just the tune. This morning I awoke with the name in my head, but the tune totally escapes me. I think it would be easier if we had the memory hook of words to go with the tunes, but alas, we don't, and I suffer from all kinds of blocks because of that. More often that not, either the tune or the title eludes me. As I've mentioned previously, names and I don't get along very well.

Anyway, tonight is jam night, and I'll go again ... and do more sitting than playing again. The great majority of tunes are played too fast for me to sight read, so I note them, and try them later at home where I can proceed more methodically.

It would still be nice to have lyrics to associate tunes with, however. It would make it easier on my poor old brain.


Janet said...

I'm the same way on the piano. I can sight read pretty well, but it always helps if I have the lyrics in my head.

Anonymous said...

hehe, I'm the same in general... :o)
I was trying to think of a theme tune the other day and out of nowhere about a day later it popped into my head! I guess delayed reactions are better than none at all!! Enjoy the evening. :o)

Simply Coll said...

An evening spent with those who share your passion for music sounds like so much fun. Enjoy.

Ginnie said...

I wish we all lived closer. A get-together with my son-in-law (violin) and daughter (cello) who live in New York and me (dulcimer) from North CArolina ... with you and your fiddle (in Canada) would be a blast.
Does Cuppa play an instrument?

RoyalTLady said...

Thanks for your visit.

While in school and college, I used to have singing group. BUT I cannot sing alone...stage fright.

I can't play any instruments...just watched people playing but I love musics...all sorts.

RoyalTLady said...

What had happened to snowflakes? No more snow after the last posting, ay?

Lorna said...

One of the things I promised myself I'd do in retirement is sit with earphones on, reading the lyrics to the music I already love. What a joy---a not frequent one, but a joy nonetheless.

womaninawindow said...

I was just imagining how great it would be to play an instrument. How you probably drift off to sleep with your leg inadvertantly jigging to the music that twists beneath your big stone brain.