Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Year and a Half

Although some days go slowly, life goes quickly. Since Nikki Dee begins her nineteenth month of existence (in present form) today, I thought a few recent poses were in order. I know two days ago (Foto Friday) is pretty recent, but bear with Grampa anyway, will ya?

The phone rang the other day, and shortly thereafter, she picked up whatever was handy, placed it by her ear and commenced to jabber. In addition to jabbering into pretend phones, a favourite pastime in to look at herself in the mirror. In these two pics she does both.

She quite enjoys going to the store — any store will do — where she can enjoy all of the sights and sounds and jabber some more. At the door the other day, she became quite interested in the pumpkins and tried to lift several. Soon, she found a little one that she could manage, and for some reason, it ended up going home with her.

She gets lots of walkies, especially to the park. It's almost at the end of the street (or several streets) , and this is the view as we approach.

And then she got to play in the leaves.

Following is an absolutely stunning video of her (just kidding) walking through the leaves. In the clip, I mention that she veers to the water on occasion but was being pretty good about accepting my redirection. Well, that stopped shortly after this clip when her desire to get to the water became quite strong indeed. She became quite vocal and unhappy with my insistence that we go the other, and I became a grouchy old man for a few minutes. That does happen periodically, you know?

But we're both over it now, so Happy Birthday little Nikki Dee.


womaninawindow said...

You probably don't know this yet and I hate to be the first one to tell you but that is not your voice. Nope, pretty sure. Much to deep. Your voice is just a little lighter. Yep. Pretty sure.

Happy Birthday leaf cruncher!

womaninawindow said...

Argh. Too deep. (Not to deep.)

Lorna said...

since we have CBC, Wii, TV in another room, I couldn't hear the voice, but I did want to see if you would follow up on your statement that Nicki Dee is 19 months old in this form (or maybe it was format).


KGMom said...

It is wonderful how children develop self-awareness. Looking in the mirror--recognizing herself.
And the imitation of adults--talking on the phone. So cute.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is good that a girl have a few dollars to afford the occasional small pumpkin to take home.

Is you wee one on the way to becoming one of those women that spend a lot of time admiring themselves in the mirror and/or talking on the phone?

mreddie said...

Cuteness personified!! ec

Amanda said...

Where does the time vanish?!

Janet said...

isn't it funny how you end up coming home with things you had no clue you would need?
Here's hoping everyone takes a nap today (yours AND mine!).

RoyalTLady said...

I came via goldendaze-ginnie.
CUTE grand daughter you have there...already a young lady of her own.

Marvelous pictures.

Ruth said...

Adorable pictures...almost two, and what an interesting age that is! I love the pumpkin picture.

Simply Coll said...

She is just so darn adorable! I love that age.. everything is such an adventure.

dabrah said...

I enjoyed the video, and loved Nikki Dee's hat! I can also empathise with her crunching and kicking her way through the leaves, since it's something I still enjoy doing.

Mary said...

She's a cutey. I don't have granddaughters but do have two grandsons. When they were little, we stomped in puddles and crunched leaves, much to the horror of their parents, who didn't know boys were made to get dirty. LOL

Enjoyed the video. She is so cute and I'm glad you are redirecting her from the water.


Donna said...

I Love the little videos! She's So FUN! Happy day sweetie!hughugs