Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Night Salsa

No, we don't dance salsa or anything else on Friday night; we're too doggone tired.

Yes, these old foggies come home pretty weary on Friday night after tending to the needs of Nikki Dee all week. While she is a dear treasure, she can wear a body out. In point of fact, Cuppa and I have discovered that she can wear two bodies out. She doesn't give us a lot of space to withdraw for a spell and/or turn our minds to items of adult interest and stimulation. While it's true that we take turns coming home and tending to our chores and interests here while the other mans (or womans) the fort, we still wear down significantly by week's end because we're both still supervising her a lot, and it's both tedious and demanding.

So, we drag our weary bods home on Friday and, more often than not, do our salsa thing. No again ... still not the dance. We grab a glass of wine, white for her and red for me, and plunk ourselves in front of the tv. Then we decide to have snack whilst we marshal our reserves, and it has come to be that the snack usually turns out to be pretty healthy: Tostitos multigrain chips that we dip in sour cream and salsa (we keep both options available).

Phew! I finally explained the salsa ... thought I would never get back there.

While we tell ourselves that it's a snack, by the time we polish off the chips, not to mention the wine (except that I just mentioned it), we're full and don't usually bother to eat anything else before tumbling into bed ... to sleep ... dammit.


Amanda said...

It's nice to kick back and relax. Hope you guys are all refreshed for the new week ahead :)

megz_mum said...

Sounds like great winding down for the weekend!

dabrah said...

It sounds as if you really do need your weekend. I hope it's relaxing and refreshing.

womaninawindow said...

Chips and salsa are an atleast once a week thing for us. Uuummmm, homemade salsa is good enough to eat by the spoonful. And ever try homemade guacamole? I've got an easy recipe that kicks if you need one.