Friday, October 17, 2008

Foto Friday

Cuppa took these first two pictures when she walked Nikki Dee to the park the other day, and she has graciously saved some for me to post. Nikki Dee is having a great time playing in the leaves.

The next picture is all about getting ready for winter. They've put markers like this on all the fire hydrants in town this week, so they can still be found when they get buried in snow in afew months. Nikki Dee was having a meltdown at the time; fortunately, she doesn't do that very often at all.

I took my fiddle to the cottage last weekend and played it in the great outdoors. On two other days, I took it to the planer mill (that's what it used to be) that you see in the background on the extreme right. It's roofed but all screened in: the best of both indoors and outdoors wrapped up in one wonderful structure.

Finally, here are two more photos taken on our journey to the cottage last weekend. For these, I humbly suggest that you click on them to view them large. They will open in a new window, so you don't lose your place if that's a concern. They were taken from approximately the same spot, the first looking left and the second looking right. That's an old wood silo in the first picture. I don't recall ever seeing another one like it. I suppose most are made of wood, but this one seems to be older somehow.

Wooden Silo

Beyond the Fence


Janet said...

Your fall color is gorgeous. And Nikki Dee is too. She's growing up so fast.

Ruth said...

Nikki Dee is up to her knees in leaves! So cute. I really like your editing on the last two pictures. They look like art in large.

dabrah said...

Nikki Dee is so sweet, even when she's having a meltdown!
How did you make those two pictures look like paintings? The autumn colours are lovely. Some of the leaves have turned here too, and things are starting to look gold and brown and red.

womaninawindow said...

OK Beautiful pictures!

That snow marker makes me just LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH!

And why is it that other people pay to have their bags of leaves hauled away but I would pay to have deciduous trees shed in our yard?

Finally, your comments at my place crack me up and are much appreciated.