Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fiddling at the Mill

On yet another gorgeous autumn day, Cuppa and I headed to the Mill yesterday for a walk in the woods. Of course, first we had to stop at Tims for cuppas of coffee — extra large mugs, naturally, and here Cuppa holds both as I take this picture. Down below yo can glimpse a wee bit of the Indian River (sorry, but that's what it's called).

My focal point in the next photo was supposed to be the lighted clearing on the rise in the background, but whether that worked or not, it may give you an idea of just how pleasant the day and our walk were.

Just beyond that rise (above), didn't we find two fiddlers making great use of the day and the setting. What a great idea to head into the great outdoors to make music in the woods by a stream on such a day: great for them and all us passersby. We sat down with them for awhile because it turned out that I knew them both a little; they fiddle at the jam session that I have recently begun to attend. Unlike me who must sit many tunes out, however, they both know them all and can play them in ... uh ... jig time. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I hope your day was at least half as delightful as ours, and that you were also in fine fettle even if not in a fine fiddle.


Amanda said...

What a lovely day AC.
Oh, how i miss Tims! I would give my right arm for some timbits right now!!! I found Tim's addictive when i was in Canada last year :)

Janet said...

That may be the coolest thing I ever heard - fiddling in a beautiful autumn woods! How much fun!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day! Great surroundings, great company and fantastic music. I love the photographs.

Ginnie said...

I agree with all the commentors. It must have been magical to come across the fiddlers. My son-in-law loves to fiddle while it's raining...and when he's at my house it's extra special because I have a tin roof and it combines the music with the sound of the rain on the roof.

womaninawindow said...

How absolutely amazing is that to come across two fiddlers. I'd love to be able to sit on a log and just absorb.

Simply Coll said...

How perfect was that!! :-)