Friday, February 01, 2008

Done and Done

It's been a stormy day and night here in Ottawa. I've been out shovelling once and Good Neighbour has also been by with her snowblower. But it's still snowing, and then it could rain, and won't that be an utter mess? But maybe it will just snow here. Let's hope.

This was to be our final day of babysitting while Thesha helped out at work, but the weather forced her to cancel, and we all stayed inside in our respective domiciles. I am waiting to hear whether fiddle practice will be canceled tomorrow, but unless there is a great change by then, I won't venture on a 45 minute drive into the country even if they don't cancel.

In my previous post, I bemoaned the fact that I was way behind in my blog printing. While I am technically still way behind in printing, I have imported all of the blogs that I want into Word, and they are ready to print. Hence the title, Done and Done. However, I don't want to start the actual printing process yet because I will likely run out of ink partway through, and I don't have a refill lying around. It took awhile to catch up on more than two years of posts, but I don't choose to print all of my blogs, so I was able to eliminate quite a few. Once they're in Word a few macros and styles help me to do the formatting without too much trouble.

So, what else does one do on a snowy day? Cuppa and I did catch up on a few tv programs that we had I taped. I know we don't tape anymore, but you all know what I mean, and I like the word. The main program that we watched was a two hour episode (really two one hour episodes) of Silent Witness (yet another British mystery series). We also tried to get into Waking the Dead, another favourite, but we get that from PBS Boston on Saturday night, and the times always get weirded out. We miss ten minutes every time, and sometimes it's too much bother to try to fill in the gaps. They're re-runs for us anyway, but most are so good, that we wouldn't mind watching them again. There's another PBS program that we tape on the same night, however, Vicar of Dibly, which is a very funny program indeed. I recommend it. Rather than trying to describe it, refer to the BBC website if you're interested.

If we're housebound again tomorrow, perhaps I'll read more of Pillars of the Earth. I could be reading it now, but it tends to grab me, and I don't want to be grabbed when it's almost time for bed. I've done that too often: checked the clock at midnight or later, and said, "Well, I only have a hundred more pages to go, so ..." Except I have a lot more than a hundred pages remaining in this one, so I truly don't want to go there tonight.

Cuppa crashed early tonight, so I have been puttering and putering, and I'm not sure what to do next, but I don't think I'm quite ready for bed yet. Meanwhile, I've run out of chat for now. I don't do this type of aimless blogging too often, so I trust you'll forgive me. Maybe I'll actually have something to say next time. who knows?


Kila said...

I liked your aimless chatting just fine. ;)

Congrats on the blog-printing progress. I've never done that, but keep meaning to...

Pearl said...

seems to me like you've said something.

luckily we rented a few vids before the snowstorm hit so we're set.

Printing your blogs. Good to have a backup. Must take a lot of pages.

Gina said...

I am all for the aimless!

And Smudge's hair is just too adorable!

ChrisB said...

I see you watch some of my favourite TV programmes! We can still get some of them as repeats.

Donna said...

I watch the good vicar every chance I can...wonderful fun! Love PBS channels and the English programming...Absolutely Fabulous is..just...a hoot.

Dale said...

Even when you say nothing, it's still something. Something enjoyable!