Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Me

Cuppa reminded me of this picture this morning after I revealed my latest nocturnal escapades and told me that I should press it into service again. I posted it about as year and a half ago in Dreams of Yesterday after yet another bad night, which in that instance was largely caused by some sort of miserable little virus.

Yesterday, I was whinging about being tired after a near sleepless night on Sunday and wondering how I would fare at linedancing last night. So, I did something that I hardly ever do: had a wee kip before I went out. I pretty well knew that would revive me for the evening. About once a month or three (seldom in other words), I do this: nap during the day. Even at that level of infrequency, it's never for long, but anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour is generally sufficient to revive me enough to function — more or less anyway.

So it was that I lay down for a half hour yesterday and would judge that I dozed for perhaps twenty minutes. I'm sure you would agree that isn't a whole lot and shouldn't throw me off my sleep seven hours later. But it did! Or something did. At one o'clock although I was lying in bed, I was still rather perky and knowing what that could presage, I took a sleeping pill. It kicked in about an hour later, giving me about seven hours of decent sleep. Which is enough most of the time.

I prefer not to use the pill although it really helps by times. When I do choose to pill myself, however, I tend to plan it out and take it earlier because it does seem to take the best part of an hour for it to kick in. But my point is, yes there is a point to be made somewhere in this piece, is that when I am tired due to genuine lack of sleep, a twenty minute nap should not wire me up seven and eight hours later.

But wait, there's more. What the pill also sometimes allows is for me to sleep more deeply and get up to visit the loo less frequently. On a typical night, I might get up four times or about every two hours on average. Last night I made it through four and a half hours before getting up — almost like a normal person. I think I'm caught in a vicious circle. Bladder realities cause to awake and go more frequently than most but it also seems to me that I feel such frequent need because I am sleeping lightly.

So, do you agree that the picture is appropriate: that it isn't easy being me?


karla said...

Agreed. I think your nightly wakings are more frequent than those early days of seemingly never ending nightly wakings with Nate.

mreddie said...

If it is not easy for you to be you, I know I wouldn't be able to do it. :) I sleep fairly well but still sometimes get up every two or three hours for nature's call. ec