Thursday, January 31, 2008

Done But Not Done

Finally, I've caught up with The Bonnie Wee One's photo album. This collage is of her ninth month, and since she hasn't completed her tenth month yet, I can let it go for awhile and turn my attention to other things. These pages are taking me a long time. I spend longer on hers than I have on the general family photo album, too long really. Come year two when Smudge's rapid changes do slow down somewhat, I must really make an effort to be more rigorous with my choices and keep it to one or at the most two collages per month — or perhaps even longer sometimes.

Having said that, there are other tasks at which I am far far behind. I have meant to print out some of my blogs for posterity. I don't why: just because we want to leave something behind, I guess. I was doing this in an html sort of way, but it was a chore, so I shelved the chore for awhile. I didn't realize just for how long, however, until I just checked where I stopped printing. Would you believe in the autumn of '05? Good grief: that one got away from me. Didn't it?

So off I go to catch up on that little task.

Ninth Month


Heather said...

You can really see her expressiveness developing in this one. What a delight!

ChrisB said...

She will love seeing all these when she gets older. I often look back at all the albums I did of my grandchildren (no computer back then~ my eldest grandson will be 15 in March where has the time gone!)

JunieRose2005 said...

The albums of your little Smudge are just precious! She's an adorable baby!

Isn't it wonderful that you have the time to do all this!! :)


Ginnie said...

Great job, AC ! She will treasure this in the future. Maybe a collage like that every year will be in order.

Cathy said...

She's a doll! Very nice collage.