Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good Times Remembered

Thesha and Dad

Of course, posting the previous photo of The Bonnie Wee Smudge on my shoulder reminded me of these two when I was twenty-six and Thesha was one. So, she was only a few months older that Smudge is now. Can you see the exhilaration on her face and the delight in mine? What fun we had together. While I maintain that the best time of your life is always now, if any time could change my mind, it was then when the kids were young and brought so much joy into my heart. Ah, the old guy is getting wistful and a wee bit maudlin. But that's what old guys do.

Thesha and Dad


Donna said...

Geez!!! They are Identical!!! How Happy!!!

KGMom said...

Oh my--I agree with comment above. Thesha and Smudge--two peas!
That is amazing.
And you do look very happy--both as dad and granddad. Lucky you to have such charming women in your life.

Ginger said...

What wonderful photos! Children are such a joy, and it's cool to read your memories of enjoying your own kids.

ChrisB said...

Gosh I did a double take they are so alike!

Coll said...

Love the photos.. and will you look at all that lovely hair (speaking of Thesha of course) :-)

Judy said...

Quite possibly, did daughter feel more secure knowing that were she to slip there was something to grab on to?

My granddaughter looks nothing at all like her mother. But, personality-wise they are so much the same!