Thursday, February 21, 2008

Please Fence Me In

These are days of sudden changes in the little life of Niki-Dee, which is the name that I am adopting at least temporarily. She's not exactly a Smudge anymore; in fact, she's pretty large and robust ... as far as babies go anyway.

Two weeks ago she was not yet crawling. Suddenly she was. Not only that, but she is stepping out as long as someone is holding her hands. She's most chuffed with herself when she takes those wobbly steps too and tends to chuckle in delightedness with herself. Development number three is that she is beginning to pull herself up to a standing position. What changes in such a short time!

She's such a determined explorer though that she needs to be coralled, and the system in the photos seems to do it very well. Thesha uses the fences to confine Niki-Dee to the living room, furniture providing the other walls. So, baby gets a reasonable amount of space but can be kept away from boot trays and such. Until Mom implemented this system, The Bonnie Wee One was bound and determined to constantly head towards for the dirty shoes and boots by door. (BTW: the kit comes with six sections. All six can be used, or it can be broken up into two sets of three.)

And she's happy enough behind the fence. Really. Can't you tell? Well, she is smiling (sort of) in the top picture.

PS: Please notice where the sun is shining in the first pic. Yes, I do pretty well think that the sun shines out of there. lol


thailandchani said...

I like that name.. Niki-Dee. I'm assuming it's a blog name for her - but it's still cute. :)

Sun shining from... well.. yeah. :)

Donna said...

The name suits her! How precious...

ChrisB said...

I will have to get used to you calling her Niki-Dee!
The 'sun shines...' very good!

Cathy said...

I already had made a mental note to comment on that 'puddle of sunshine' before you pointed it out.

I like "Nikki Dee". It fits nicely.

-epm said...

Wow. Tempus fugit... It seems like it was just that other day she was just a sonographic "smudge."

JunieRose2005 said...


So sweet!! She's a beauty with all that dark hair !

I sure miss having my grands little like your Nikki-Dee!

Grandkids are our greatest treasures! :) I think you've already discovered that for yourself!


Bonita said...

Just precious! Squeezable! BTW, I love the images of the snow that you have there. Wow!

mreddie said...

That is a nice touch, getting shots of Nikki-Dee from both sides of the fence. The little tykes grow up so fast. ec

daffy said...

Well you always knew where the sunshine came from! THis pic just proves it!
Nice. :o)

Coll said...

Wow.. look how much she has grown. Just amazing.

And about the fencing.. especially if it comes in six sections. I am looking for something like this.. only I will be using it for dogs.. not babies.. at least for now. Would you happen to know the name of this particular product and where it was bought. I would really appreciate it.. thanks. :-)