Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Quick Post ...

... that I can't help but squeezing in before a busy day

The tribe descended this weekend and consumed the consumables rather quickly. That meant that I needed to make an early run to the corner store this morning to get coffee cream. I'm glad I did, for I glimpsed my first robin of the season flying right across my line of vision. It caused my heart to leap, a smile to spread across my face, and a song to form on my lips.

The song is a funny one that my little mother composed just a year or two before she passed on. She wrote it to the tune of Sing a Song of Sixpence, and it begins with the words, "Welcome little robin we hear your happy song. She sang it with much pride, wavering gusto, and quivering thin voice. It was so cute that we had the congregation sing it at her funeral.

As the family got together just this weekend, we reminisced and the song was reprised. We're sure that it was our singing that spurred the robins to fly the last hundred miles in double-quick measure to get here in time for Cuppa's birthday yesterday ... even though we didn't actually notice them until this morning.

We will soon be off to London where daughter #2, who wants a proper name for use in this blog but hasn't come up with one yet — so I'll call her Deetoo for now — and her partner (Artoo?), will catch the bus for Toronto. It's a wonderfully sunny day. Perhaps we'll see more robins. For sure we will see hawks aplenty. They sit in trees by roadside, perch on old fence posts, and soar majestically. Awesome creatures.

Life is beginning to sprout after the too-long winter. First, it was the daffodil shoots, now the robins, and just yesterday I saw all sorts of basal growth on some of my later-blooming perennials. That surprised me greatly, for a few small patches of snow still linger about here and there, fighting a futile rearguard action in a vain attempt to postpone winter's general but inevitable retreat.

Just in time for Easter too. We thought, somewhat grumpily, that it was rather early this year, but perhaps it was timed rather perfectly after all.



blue2go said...

Cute song of your mother's, touching too that everyone sang it for her. Have a great holiday and trip to London!
We don't have much spring here yet, but it is coming, my driveway is mud!

A said...

I laughed out loud at Artoo and Deetoo-- very clever! Happy Easter to you all.

Dora said...

R2 & D2 ?
That is really creative....what does she think about it?

May all your days be "robin-filled."

Jennifer Swanepoel said...

I am so envoius of you, being able to see the change of seasons. :) Here in Florida, it's the same all year long! (How many times have I mentioned that on people's blogs? Probably tons...everyone I read is from up north and is blogging about the snow and the spring coming....sigh....I guess the grass is always greener.. -er, the snow is always whiter on the other side of the fence??!!)

Heather Plett said...

While you celebrate robins, I celebrate geese! We're in Canada too, but must be a little further north because nothing is poking through the snow yet. But with the coming of the geese, green things are not far behind!