Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Morning or Evening?

Now that we've engaged in our seminal discourse of the relative merits of showers versus baths, surely it behooves us to further examine the conduct of bloggers in their bathrooms.

It seems to me that, if I may be permitted to add to the lexicon, there are two types of abluters: those who perform their deep-cleansing in the morning and those who scrub at night. I would suppose that all who ablute in the morning must necessarily pass their somnambulating bodies under the quick and invigorating showerhead rather than take the necessary time to draw a luxurious bath. Even if people could spare the time for a morning bath, many of them would probably fall asleep and drown themselves, and laws would need to be passed, and enforcement agencies would have to bolstered to to enforce the laws.

As usual, I'm sure to be in the minority, for I prefer to sponge my soot, whether by shower or bath, in the evening. It makes sense to me. I don't want to carry the day's grime into the clean sheets, and unless a given night's dreams call either for a wrestle with the devil or a bawdy romp with a salacious floosie (only in my dreams you understand), I normally expect to awaken fresh and clean in the morning.

The only valid rationale that I can fathom for eschewing evening ablutions in favour of morning dousings must be the old nemesis — HAIR! This is not my cross to bear, you understand, but certain unfortunate souls such as my wonderful son-in-law awake to the dawn looking like Pumpkinhead on a bad hair day. E has a rather glorious mane all in all, but not when he first stumbles groggily out of bed. Raggedy Andy has a better DO than E on a typical morning. At first blush, this makes E and me total opposites, for my hair is so sparse and short that I can (I'm being serious here) go for days at a time without bother to comb it, and nobody is ever the wiser.

Actually E and I have more in follicle commonality than first impressions would indicate, for, although you could never even be expected to guess at such if you were able to see my closely cropped chrome dome right now, at any length longer than extremely short my hair is quite curly too. Frankly, it was once a disaster to manage (when I had some to manage that is), and there were times when I had to forsake my spiritual principles and shower in the morning to try to achieve some semblance of order with my mop.

In case my meanderings around this bushy topic, leave you a trifle unclear as to my impressive thesis, it it this. It makes sense for those who can do so to shower at night — unless you have a fond predilection for being dirty in bed. I make exception, however, for those who must arise with each dawn to resume ongoing struggles with their manes.

Some people, and I can produce affidavits to prove this, actually shower twice a day. While, at first blush, that seems like overkill, I think it makes a kind a sublime sense. Shower (or bathe) at night to go to bed clean; shower in the morning to deal with those unruly coiffures.

So how about you: morning or night, shower or bath? Why?

I once wrote a blog called Bad Hair Life. Some tell me that it's funny.



Gina said...

Right now I am a morning. I just don't feel as clean after sleeping all night than I do coming right out of the shower. And hey, I only have Hubba-hubba to impress at night.

If I had my way, though, I would do both. I understand your point about bringing the grime of the day into bed. I just wash my sheets a lot!

Butterfly said...

Laughing! Pumpkinhead? I can hardly wait to tell him that.

You know, they say that showering/bathing more than once a day will really dry your skin out. If you have exceptional dry skin problems they will suggest you bath every OTHER day.

Hair runs my life.

Anonymous said...



karla said...

It depends. I have been cursed with a head of naturally curly hair, that I tend to spend way too much time blow drying straight.

If I wear my hair curly, then I must shower in the morning to tame it. If I wear my hair straight, then I bathe at night because I can leave my hair unwashed for about three days after I spend the 45 minutes torturing my curls to become straight. Any dampness would ruin the efforts of my labour.

So I suppose I get the best of both worlds. Sometimes I shower in the morning, other times I take a bath at just depends on what I want my hair to look like :)

blue2go said...

I do the scrub clean before going to bed; like to go to bed very clean and ready for anything :)
In the morning I just do a quick coolish shower to wake up. It's not so much the multiple showers that dry skin, but too hot of water. I only use hot water at night.

kathy said...

I take a bath once a week wheather i need it or not. "LOL" just kidding! my father use to say that a lot..i never had the chance to say that until today!:-D Like butterfly said, winter skin is i keep morning showers short in the winters. longer in the summers.

Jennifer Swanepoel said...

I shower in the morning. Not because of my hair, but because my morning shower wakes me up. You know how most people need a cup of coffee to wake up? Not me. I need a hot shower.

Judy said...

I have the dry skin thing going on. I shower in the morning in the winter, evening in the summer.

For YEARS we didn't have a shower, only one of those deep old fashion bathtubs on legs. It was WONDERFUL and relaxing!

Now, we have one of those shallow tubs, and I've only taken one bath in the six years I've lived here.