Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Cat Got Me

I am trying to make some effort at beginning to put myself into a routine now that the summer is past and especially since the kids are no longer with us and life moves in a bit of a different cadence.

At the top of the list is to be more faithful about doing some very basic exercise: to wit, a few morning back stretches followed by a bit of a walk. If I can establish that very basic bit of routine, maybe I shall be able to add a bit more.

But the cat.

Oh the cat.

There is something about me doing floor stretches that sends her into nonsensical motion. She's purring and butting me and prancing around and lying in my way. And doing it all over again.

As it eventuated, in an effort to switch from one stretch to another and in my concern to not landing my prodigious corpulence on top or her delicate feline frame, didn't I get myself into an awkward position ... and I Hurt My *&^!$ Back while doing so.

How's that for irony? I hurt my back while attempting beneficial back stretches.

It's not something that would happen to just anybody. But then I am not just anybody. I am he of the weak back. I am he who gets his self into odd predicaments. For I am nothing if not weird.

Oh, I've had worse spasms, and barring further aggravation I should be alright in relatively short order. I mean to say, once I'm up I am reasonably ambulatory, so the sprain  is not too debilitating this time around. This time around. It's just that the getting up and down and bending is a bit of a pain.

But it's the irony or injuring my back while working to ameliorate it. It's kind of delicious, even if it's a bit of a pain in the ... um ... back.


Shammickite said...

Sorry to hear about the back twinges. Maybe lay flat on your tummy and let the cat walk on you? She would love it.

Marie Smith said...

I smiled at this post and grimaced too. The description of your cat encounters are hilarious, but I know back pain too and can understand your predicament. I started down the road of back problems doing sit-ups. Take care, AC.

Mara said...

I am sorry, but I had to giggle a bit. I can just see you trying to do your back stretches and puss trying to get your attention in every which way! Hope you will be okay soon though.

Debbie said...

whenever i "hurt" my back, i am doing nothing - like picking up a piece of paper. walked like a hunchback for a week and then presto, it was gone. my back is very weird!!!

troutbirder said...

I've lost track of all the reasons I've gone to therapy in recent years to learn exercises that will cure my myriad aches, pains and disabilities. Then be told to continue themreligiously at home to maintain the "progress".NOT! I get bored. I forget to do them. Thenforget how to do them.... and all to point out we don't even have a cat underfoot as an excuse...:)

Mage said...

Hey, it got the cat moving too. :)

Jenn Jilks said...

I hear you!
I wrecked my back 32 years ago after the birth of kids #2 and I was trying to lose weight. I over stretched, had a caregiver for 2 weeks, as I couldn't lift or bathe him.
Hubby's back, as I've said, is arthritic and horrible. He is so careful and fragile, both.