Monday, September 18, 2017


Well, we finally got there. I don't think Sue and I would have made the drive to Gatineau (on the Quebec side of the Capital Region), but Shauna wanted to go, and she's about the most competent person and driver imaginable, so off we went.

MosaiCanada is a fabulous exhibit made to celebrate Canada's 150th. I did say fabulous, and I meant it. Exhibits are made from plant matter affixed to wire frames that take shapes from out past and present.

The exhibit will run through October 15 and has already had more than a million visitors. It's free, and if you're local and are able to go, I think you should.

The first thing that I saw was this train, the railway was a most important link across the country. There was also a railway station, but I didn't care for my photo, and one has to draw the line somewhere as there are many more that I would like to share.

Lobster fishing has been and still is important in Eastern Canada. The flowers represent ocean waves.

Puffins from the east and an Inukshuk from the north in two displays that seem to be one in this photo.

From history: Gold Miner, Lumberjack, Coureur be Bois (fur trader who travelled deep into the country via canoe)

First Nations: An Inuit (aka Eskimo) and Indian (in the canoe behind Sue and me)

Culture: the piano was in homage to Glen Gould, perhaps Canada's most honoured and exalted musician. The Gould family was friends with Sue's family and Sue took lessons from Glen's mother, so she had to be in these photos.

More Culture: hockey is our sport, and this represents a most famous goal, the winning goal of the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the USSR, Yvan Cournoyer embraces goal scorer, Paul Henderson.

China (1st photo) and Shanghai (2nd photo) made wonderful contributions.

Mother Nature was very prominent and beautiful, and she was pleased to share a photo op with Shauna and Sue.

And I guess that I need to stop with a strong recommendation to go if you can.


Tabor said...

Wow those are fabulous and so sorry I will not get to see it!

Mara said...

Oh WOW! Those are absolutely wonderful. My favourite is Mother Nature. The colouring of her hair and basically everything: brilliant! Would love to see it in the flesh, but will have to do it by your photos. If you have any more: please post!!

Debbie said...

Hi john, in you bio, you say your life is hum drum, I think not!! Your images are gorgeous, this is just fabulous and I would love to see it. We are driving right now to Niagara Falls, how far is this from there??

Linda Kay said...

We must put this on our bucket list, John. What unusual and beautiful displays.

Haddock said...

Love that steam engine and the bogies. So perfect.

Marie Smith said...

Incredible! Not to be missed if one can get there! Loved the lobster fisherman and the puffin!

A Cuban In London said...

Gorgeous! :-)

Greetings from London.

Mage said...

I too am sorry that I cannot go see the show. Wonderful indeed. We will enjoy even your not so good pictures. :) Thanks for these.

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm so glad you went! We just cannot face the trip into the city on non-medical appointment days!
It takes it out of us. I wonder what they do with it now? Do you know?