Sunday, September 17, 2017

Doors Open

Yesterday, our town had an Open Doors event. We went early to minimize the heat, but it was darn hot anyway. (At this time in mid-September, we seem to be experiencing the hottest extended spell of summer.) We had seen most of the venues before but wanted to support the initiative, so off we went.

The Grand Hotel, previously the Mississippi Inn and then the Heritage Inn, has just opened under its new name. Much time was spent refurbishing the place, so we were anxious to see it. Unfortunately, not much was made available except for the dining room and the dance hall. We weren't allowed upstairs to see the rooms nor the new pub-style restaurant. They do have a business to run, but it seemed more like Doors Ever So Slightly Ajar rather than Doors Open.

Sue in the lobby
The Dining Room
Shall We Dance?

After hitting a few other places — The Masonic Temple and the Keys Apartments — that we had visited and posted of previously (linked above), we made our way to Town Hall.

Councillor Sean Redmond gave us a very informative tour, including Council Chambers.

Sue was in her element sitting in the mayor's chair and holding the gavel. She likes to bring order into the world.

I had been into the concert hall a number of times to shoot events, but it was empty yesterday, so the shots were a bit different.

The stage is a Rake Stage, which means that it is raised from front to back, the back being 18" higher than the front. This would enable the audience to see the dancers' feet.
Looking out from the stage. The balcony is to be refurnished at some point, I have been up there to shoot events.
There are several nice views of the river from the various windows. This one includes the bridge.

Finally, we headed off to see the Hawthorne Mill. I had been there earlier when they opened the doors for the public, but Sue hadn't seen it yet. I posted here back then, so I won't post much this time around. It is hard to fathom that this will become an upscale condo within two years, and then other buildings will be added in about another two years. It is quite an ambitious undertaking. I should have taken a picture of the the rendering of the concept, but I didn't.

The fourth floor of what will become luxury condos.
We were so hot that we headed home rather than touring several remaining open doors.


Edit: Eventually, I found an image of the plan online. On the right is the present building, the historical Hawthorne Mill. Other buildings will be built from scratch, including a restaurant on the left.


Marie Smith said...

That is a big project! Love that dining room. Wonder if the food matches the setting?

Mara said...

That hotel restaurant looks lovely. Takes me right back to my time in England!

When you said Open Doors, I thought you were going to church, because that is a term used in the Netherlands for certain church services!

Jenn Jilks said...

Twas pretty hot, but then, Sue looks hot in the lobby and that chair, too! She is an elegant dresser!
Red calls his wife... something, I forget. The executive planner or somesuch!!!

Haddock said...

That dance floor is perfect.