Friday, September 15, 2017

That Tree

With fall in the air ... well actually it isn't so much in the air, the air being warmer and more summery than for most of the summer ... and drier too.

Well anyway ... with fall in the air, I nipped up the street basically to take a shot that I knew would be there. I knew it would be there because I've seen this tree in other years and I also noticed it the other when we drove across the overpass.

But let's not start with that tree; let's start with the overpass, Well, under the overpass.

I went down there to see if there was any colour. And there wasn't much in this direction (upstream). But if you strain your eyes, you might notice a tinge or two.

You could see a little more colouring in the other direction (downstream). Not much yet but some.

Up on the overpass, I found that tree. It changes early every year, I think probably because it's on the water's edge and its roots are likely saturated. I'm sure that has something to do with it because it's much too early for a tree to look like this. And you can tell that by looking at the other trees.

From that position above, I swivelled to my left and hung over the wall of the overpass a bit and took this shot. You can see the colour there too. I have often walked that boardwalk on the bottom left.

That's all, nothing earth shattering. I just wanted to mark the beginning of the change of seasons.


Shammickite said...

A few very subtle colour changes here too. Not much yet, but soon.....

Marie Smith said...

So it begins. The birds are interesting too.

Mara said...

Love that tree. Good choice for a post.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We are not seeing a lot of fall colors here in NH either, John. However, there are some exceptions just like that tree in your photo. We have seen some spectacular swamp maples and for the same reason, they are sitting in a watery mars.h