Saturday, September 16, 2017


Were a long way from glorious colour yet, but as you've already seen, we have tinges. We decided to grab a shawarma for lunch and munch it by town hall. I took a photo of the tower through the, well I'll call it an awning, but it isn't really that. You can see a bit of yellow tinging here, but that wasn't the intent of the photo. I just liked the composition.

Then we went for a walk in the park. The first thing that I saw after parking was the reflections past the bench. There's no orange here, but you can see that some of the leaves are yellowing.

More tinging just a little upstream from the previous photo: a little bit of orange in this one but more yellow still.

Our community high school backs onto the park, and it looked like a phys-ed class was making use of the river and the weather. A pretty nice playground for a school, eh?

Several pics as we walked along the path.

And some orange across the river from near the end of the path before we turned back.


Marie Smith said...

A glorious day for leaf looking and a picnic, AC.

Debbie said...

We have just a little too, the reflection is stunning!!

Linda Kay said...

We never see too much color in Texas, very rare. I remember the colors from the north very well.

Tabor said...

Beginnings, anticipation.

Mara said...

Oh to have that as part of your school yard! How brilliant. And to see those colour from the water should be good too. Idea perhaps??