Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Vintage Automobiles

Ugh ... Car Shows. I don't know whether to love em or hate em. I mean to say that it's nice to see them, but when they are packed close together in rows with people around, getting good shots isn't easy. In fact, it might even be impossible.

And when it is also sunny and glarey, well ... ugh again.

It wasn't a show this weekend, but a cavalcade of vintage cars stopped here for about on hour on the weekend.

I had to show up, and the cars were great. The sun and the heat weren't great, but the cars were.

So one takes photos regardless of the conditions because that's what we do. Then, what I often try to do in editing is find a way to mute the background.

Usually I want to do this quickly, and by 'painting in' a texture I can kind of do it, and I also kind of like the effect at the same time. It's a workaround anyway.

In the next two, I worked at muting the background without applying a texture. It took quite a bit more time. The first one is so-so, but I like the second one better.


Jim said...

The next to the last pic shows an old classic and a newer car both side by side. Both red! But, look at how much classier the older one was than the more bland newer one! Too bad that car makers of today can't get a little more "class" into their designs. I can remember when we could tell what make and model a car was just by looking. Now, they seem to all look alike! Progress????? Maybe not!

Debbie said...

oooooh i love them - but yes i know what you are saying. you must lean my "stink eye" technique, it works beautifully in getting peeps to move. you can also huff, puff and roll your eyes, that works too!!!!!

these cars are gorgeous, and i like what you did with the pictures!!!!

Silver in AZ said...

great cars and great photography work-around!

Marie Smith said...

Nice effects, AC. Great cars!

Mage said...

Those are really wonderful. My hand eye coordination is lacking or I would try it. Bravo.

Jenn Jilks said...

Is this an 'old dog new tricks' thing?
I love it! Clever.