Friday, June 30, 2017

A Double Ending

Wednesday was the last day of school for the kids until September. As is usual on a Wednesday, they came to our place to await the school bus. They both brought home good reports and will be moving onward and upward in their scholastic lives come the fall.

It was also another ending — that of our regular babysitting duties. We have provided child care for the kids for 8 of the past 9 years and for the last 7 consecutive years. Mind you, for the past 4 years, it has only been before and after school for 3 days a week.

But the times they are a'changin, and with an extended and blended family on their dad's side, different arrangements had to be made, so our gig is done or pretty much. We will provide services for 2 weeks in August this summer, but come September, it will be just Sue and me.

At first, I felt a bit disappointed because it has been so good to be such a part of their lives. But, as I said, things are changing, and they don't really need us as they once did; they just really need a place to hang out before and after school. Not that Sue and I have great plans for our footloose future, especially considering the needs of our old cat who has now, surprisingly, survived for 3 months with us, but we will be able to roam away from the house a little more freely.

So, all in all I am ready for the change. It will be a little like retiring all over again.

On that last morning, I took a few on-the-spot portraits before the bus came. These are a few of them. They are such good kids.

I may need to print and hang this one

Here they hold the little gifts that they will give to the bus driver.

Edit: Oops, I almost forgot this one of Danica smelling the lilacs from our silk lilac tree, which has been both gorgeous to look at and exceptionally fragrant this year.


Debbie said...

ooooh that last one deserves a frame as well!!! they are great kids, i actually thought they lived with you so i was happy to read the explanation. as i follow along, i understand things better!!

total freedom is nice, don't waste it being sad. you can nap when you want, eat whenever and whatever......

you will miss them i'm sure but hopefully, they will still be a big part of your life!!!

Blogoratti said...

What a heartwarming post, there's nothing like having family around. Lovely kids and photos indeed. Greetings and Happy July!

Tabor said...

Yes, we get the grands individually for a week or two in the summer and have done that since they were born. But that will be changing for the oldest as he becomes a teenager. I have suggested he is welcome, but if he no longers wants to hang out with old people, that is the way life is. We do not live at the beach or on a farm, so not sure what interest he will find with us. We will miss it, but that is what happens to us all!

Marie Smith said...

As a family matures our roles change with it. They are beautiful children and you will miss the daily contact I am sure. Well done, AC. You have had and will continue to have such a positive influence in their lives. They are lucky kids.

Mara said...

Beautiful photos (as usual) and as Debbie said: the last one deserves a frame as well!

And since I am a day late commenting: happy birthday to you and all your countrymen! May there be at least 150 more!

Jenn Jilks said...

You will truly miss this, won't you? We used to see the kids most Mondays in summer, my daughter works a 4-day week. Then, they had to be put in day camps, rather than at the sitter.
I miss them a lot. Right now they are all in Scotland!