Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Warden's House

The Warden's House was built right across the street from KP (Kingston Pen) for a grand total of $8000 with slave convict labour. It is now a museum and was freely open on the day of our KP tour.

That's JJ in front, semi climbing once again.

Leading upstairs from the entrance

The warden's desk sits in the upstairs hall

The upstairs hall with my back to the desk

Heading back downstairs

Signing the guest book before departing


Marie Smith said...

The warden had it pretty good. I guess the conditions in the prison were OK by him. Such were the times.

Haddock said...

Wow.... what a house.
Love that desk and the chair, and of course the whole place.

Debbie said...

amazing, a beautiful home...the woodwork is stunning!!

Kay said...

Gracious! That's a really fancy house.

Mage said...

I too love the house but wonder about heating it and cooling it in the summers. Enjoying the tour.

Jenn Jilks said...

Not too shabby!