Saturday, July 01, 2017

Classic Car Parade

Canada Day is here TODAY. It's our 150th anniversary celebration: our sesquicentennial, to use the fancy word. As I am pre-writing this the day before, I am hoping for better weather than what the meteorologists have predicted.  As it stands, the town's grand Celebration Parade had to be cancelled on Thursday evening, after so much planning with all sorts of bands having been invited.

We did have a Classic Car parade on Wednesday night. They have a Cruise Night, every Wednesday evening through the summer, but as part of the this sesqui celebration they added a parade to the usual parking of cars, on this evening, and many more cars than usual showed up.

I positioned myself at the bridge to take pictures of the cars approaching me, shortly after the beginning of the parade. There are many more than what I am showing, but here are a few. Notice how they all carried red and white balloons.

The parade lasted for about 5 minutes, and Sue took a video of the whole thing. I trimmed it to about 1 minute for this post. You will notice that cars are still driving on the other side of the road as they didn't shut the whole road down for a 5 minute parade that wasn't exactly like the usual parade with floats and marching bands and so forth.

They ended up a Market Square where they usually hold Cruise Night, and Sue and I wandered over. There were so many more cars that usual that it took me a 3-shot pano to get them all in one photo, and even then, you can't very well see the far ones.

There was entertainment at the Square: The History Buffs.

The fiddler was in his element, so happy to be there and have his picture taken.

I got very close to the guitar player who gave m a nice smile.

The bass player chose not to engage the camera, which I found odd, especially since she had asked the other photographer to actually email her some photos. I took some anyway, and decided to make this a soft focus photo, and I like the way that it turned out.


Shammickite said...

Happy Canada Day to you and your family! I hope the rain holds off, but the forecast is for thundery showers here. I'll be at our Strawberry Festival celebrations.

Marie Smith said...

Happy Canada Day, AC. Great video, Sue. Love the last photo especially.

Tabor said...

Happy Canada Day!! Everyone loves a parade.

Silver Willow said...

Happy Canada Day!

Looks like a splendid event!

Jenn Jilks said...

Perfect positioning! These old cars get around. It's a club, and they have so much fun!