Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Preparing for Canada Day 150

July 1st will mark the 150 anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. I think we have done remarkably well as a tolerant, inclusive country, which is somehow keeping its wits about it as our southern neighbours are losing theirs.

Sue and I sort of got together at the 100th anniversary, and here we are 50 years later, still together and in a different place that we certainly never expected to live in.  Go figure.

There are various festoonings around town, including our own garden where we have various flags, including those seen here.

Here is another of ours, but I also wanted to make a comment in passing about the unpredictability or gardening.

We have some sage (salvia) plants in terrible ground beside the driveway and near the street, which do well enough in late spring and early summer. However, the most glorious one for the past few years (in the centre between the barrel and the petunias, in front of the low purple salvia behind, is barely existing this year. It was bigger and grander than the one off to the right in previous years. Whatever.

Downtown, some of the shops have made an effort to decorate their windows with a Canada theme.

A nice touch has been the painting of flags here and there in front of some buildings.


The original Moore House

The museum
There will be festivities this week, leading up the big day on the weekend.


Blogoratti said...

Happy July 1st celebrations to you and yours. Warm greetings!

Lowcarb team member said...

It will be a special day, loved seeing your photo's here.

All the best Jan

Marie Smith said...

Your place looks festive, AC. We will decorate a bit too.

Silver Willow said...

Congrats, Canada! And yes, you are indeed more sane than we appear here, south of you. :(

Debbie said...

your place looks so pretty!! we have our 4th of july celebration coming up, lot's of fun things coming up for us as well!!

Ginger said...

"A tolerant, inclusive country, which is somehow keeping its wits about it as our southern neighbours are losing theirs." Sigh. Yes. Please keep being our beacon of hope to the north. Things can go so quickly, so unexpectedly, and so shockingly crazy.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy celebrations to you and Canada, John. As you know, we here in the U.S. will be having our own celebration next week on July 4. Since it falls nearly mid-week, it will be interesting to see what local events are planned.