Monday, January 09, 2017

Odd and Ends

A few Odds and Ends from our two days with the kids.

The weather has been erratic. We have snow, cold, warm, rain and freezing rain and around we go again. On a somewhat warm afternoon, I decided to try to get some ice off the driveway (you can also see how icy the road is in the background), The kids managed to turn helping into a game (as you will see a little of this in the video later).

There is always an hour or so of public skating at the arena, but during the holiday break various sponsors step in to make it free.

Here's the shovelling plus skating video. Really, if you're not family, you should probably just skip by this one. (Oh bother, see how I mistyped 'skating' on the vid title. I am the world's worst typist and can barely get through two words error-free.)

After an outing, especially in winter, we tend to stop for hot chocolate and a goodie.

Whilst there, Danica grabbed the camera and snapped this photo. She thought it was hilarious and that I should put it on my business card.

A few other incidentals before I leave off. JJ and I were looking for animals fairly well camouflaged in photos. He was faster than I at this. Sigh.

JJ was feeling poorly one day, so I provided the books and blanket. Ever the pragmatist, Sue provided the puke bowl.

While JJ was ill, Danica and I headed to the corner store for milk. Somehow or other, I came back with a magazine for her and a Star Wars book for him. It was a very expensive gallon of milk to say the least.

Oh yeah, we iced some more cookies left over after the Christmas decorating (of which I previously posted).

Finally, I though you might enjoy one more view of my toboggan tumble. My shoulder was quite sore for a day or three, and my pride is still hurt.


Mara said...

Hot chocolate. Sounds great!

Hena Tayeb said...

looks like a wonderful time

Marie Smith said...

Fun with the grandkids! Love it! The best company there is! Glad it was only your pride that was hurt!

Tabor said...

Send those shovelers over here, I make chocolate chip cookies.

Kathleen's Blog said...

Those kids are adorable...the grandparents here aren`t too shabby either :)

MARY G said...

We have a shovel with a steel edge that we use on the ice layers. But not on the roof.
Love your photos and videos. But what was wrong with whatever Cuppa was eating in the New Year's Eve pics?

Debbie said...

i adore fun snow days!! and good thing we had kids and now grandkids, or we would have to do all the shoveling!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Ouch! I love it when the kids grab the cameras! My grandies are getting good, too!

Kay said...

Looks like you were having a ton of fun with your beautiful grandchildren.