Friday, October 07, 2016

Through the Fog

We are back from the cottage, and I might surprise you all (ha ha) when I tell you that I have some photos to share.

Actually, I have more photos than I deserve to have after accidentally formatting my memory card. Fortunately, my brother-in-law, Brian, had a recovery program on his computer. It didn't save them all, but even though I lost two or three days worth of photos, I was still able to save the next two or three days.

It's the second time that I have done that accidental formatting thing. If I remember correctly, the first time was also on a holiday: ten years ago when we went to Arizona for a week. Let's hope that I don't do it again for another ten years, and even then ... (sigh)

About three mornings were foggy, and I have some pictures from one of them, so I thought I would begin there today.

I walked out to the road with the idea of getting a truck looming through the fog. While waiting,  I took this one looking up the road with the sign in the foreground.

Then, I happened to glance back, and saw the sun trying to break through the fog. This photo looks down the laneway that you saw behind the sign in the first photo.

From there I continued to stroll back through the property, or at least through the few unforested acres near the house. This is a view of the old barn through the red cedar trees on the edge of the lawn by the house. The converted planer mill (into a gazebo) is the building beyond the barn.

I took a few photos from inside the planer mill looking outside into the lingering mist.

Finally, I wandered down the river. This was shot from a high bank.

This one in down by the swimming hole. It's not a hole, of course, but it's where we access the river if we wish to go for a swim.

So, that's round one of my holiday pics, but I thought that some of you would like to see around the place.


Marie Smith said...

The light is beautiful. I especially like the view through the door.

TexWisGirl said...

sorry for your loss of photos, but these are lovely!

Silver Willow said...

I'm partial to the first three, mainly #1 and #3. GREAT work! Too bad they weren't all recovered...

Donna said...

Looks like a beautiful place to rest!

Tabor said...

I do love wandering around in the fog and getting photos. I like the framing from the screened door.

Kathleen's Blog said...

Love, love, Love this post---can't wait to see more.
I hope you enjoyed the cottage as much I enjoyed the little stroll about through your beautiful photos!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Every time you post about going to the cottage, I know we will all be in for several posts of photos which will not disappoint. Inhave never captured good fog photos, so yours were great to see and the framed doorway was also my fave, John

Jenn Jilks said...

What an honour to share your spot.