Monday, October 17, 2016

Family Photos at Kintail

More shots from the Mill of Kintail and our family walk there on the day before Thanksgiving.

There is a little empty cabin, which we call the Goldilocks house. It is worth a picture or two every time.

There is a little loft inside that the kids like to climb into. Danica discovers that some things actually get harder as you get older and bigger.

From the loft, JJ peers out the window.

Sue snapped a picture of me taking the above picture.

There is also a museum on the property, and we usually go in for just one more look around.

Danica in the doorway reminded me of this photo that I took 7 years ago. I finally found the photo in my September '09 folder. I had looked in October, November and December of several years before I did a better search. I love this one.

The kids wanted to go upstairs again and reprise a few shots that I had taken of them in the windows in previous years. While we have managed better shots in the past, I am glad that we tried again.

Allow me to leave you with two more of JJ being JJ and one of Danica being her sweet self.


Tabor said...

Making such great memories.

Marie Smith said...

I love the picture from '09 and today. A few short years makes such a difference in the lives of our children. Great excursion!

TexWisGirl said...

like that second shot and the one with the kids both looking away from you. and little danica w/ sue...adorable.

Mage said...

Just flat out lovely .

Hena Tayeb said...

that throwback picture is great..

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I remember seeing this Goldilocks house in previous years so that tells you something about how much we fellow bloggers come to "know" one another through our posts! Great shots of JJ and Danica in the house and JJ by the window was a perfect shot !