Saturday, October 15, 2016


One last hurrah, please, before cottage week fades into the mists of time: photos that weren't included in the prior posts.

A most delightful impromptu capture of an impromptu moment. Heather (right) grabbed a milkweed and showered Sue (left) with it. Great sisterly moment. Never too old to play.

A milkweed plant gone to seed but quite striking.

The old barn on a foggy morning. That's a stand of mullein in the foreground.

The road out front.

A truck on a nearby property.

Brian taking a photo of the falls at The Gut, using his tripod, which I prefer not to do although it is good for a photographer to do this.

Another shot from The Gut: up top.

And FINALLY ... another shot of the stars from a somewhat different angle than previously.

That's it for now. Maybe we'll do a winter visit. We shall see.


Silver Willow said...

I will miss these photos; until next fall! I can't wait to see what other treats you, photographically, have in store for us, in the meantime.

Tabor said...

I need to go walking with a good technical photographer as you and your friend. I tend to get lazy, forget how to change certain settings, and then just snap away. I get lucky sometimes, but I really should hone my approach! I do love that first photo with the great lighting and spontaneous capture, but all of these are beautiful.

Marie Smith said...

Such fun and beautiful photos! Gorgeous!

TexWisGirl said...

that first photo... absolutely priceless!

Jenn Jilks said...


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, AC, we should never be too old to enjoy some fun as Sue and Heather did. The shot of the barn was my favorite until I saw the colorful tree lined path, which was so lovely and a perfect autumn shot. And a starry night was a perfect ending to what looked like a great day outdoors.