Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nearby Environs

We did wander off from the property a few times.

These first shots are just a few miles north, near a tiny hamlet called Glen Alda.

This is the same Crowe River that forms the eastern boundary of the cottage property. I just stepped off the side of the road for this shot.

From along the Glen Alda Road. There are a few spots that I try to return to every year and take the same photos again and again. But it's never exactly the same photo, is it?

In the other direction, south of the cottage but farther away is a conservation area called The Gut, so named because the otherwise mild Crowe River has carved a deep chasm and raged through it in a torrent.

Yes, this is the same mild river that flows through Riverwood but just a few miles farther down.

I went with three other photogs, Brian and two friends of his. They climbed down into the gut onto a wet ledge. My foot being what it is, I opted to stay safe.

You can see (barely) Brian down in the gut taking a photo, and you will perhaps forgive this lame old fella for deciding not to risk it.

And so, I contented myself with taking some safer shots whilst I waited for the others to do their more adventurous thing.

Even this rock was difficult enough for me to scrabble around on.

Some nice colour: it wasn't a total loss not being able to get into the chasm.

Up above the river, I awaited the intrepid ones by the sturdy fence designed to barricade hapless wanderers from the chasm.

We're nearing the end, folks. We left the next day, but we did see some sights that I think are worth sharing.


Marie Smith said...

Beath-takingly beautiful! Worthy of framing!

Shammickite said...

Very adventuresome of Brian and the others, and I'm glad you stayed safe. And the photos are all super!

Silver Willow said...

I'm just blown away by the beauty!!!

TexWisGirl said...

it's just beautiful there.

Jenn Jilks said...

Such fun!