Sunday, October 09, 2016

Along the Crowe

We almost always seem to visit the cottage at this time of year — late September and early October. The bugs are pretty well moribund, and we can stroll through the colourful forest in peace and tranquility. In fact, I did this a number of times, and I found joy.

It is the colour on which I concentrate at this time of year. It is so ephemeral that I want to drink it in while I am able. In grabbing onto the colour, I don't always make the very best photos, but the colour is what I want to show you today as well as for another day or two.

The cottage and property that we call Riverwood is 130 acres of mostly forest. The only exception is a few more cleared acres near the homestead. It is bounded by the Crowe River on the eastern edge: a river that is shallow and flows leisurely in this section.

This is the view upstream from the swimming hole. Our property is on the left, and you can see how sandy the soil is as well as how the bank is eroding. There is a little leaf colour in the photo too.

Let's head upstream through the forest. You, or at least I, cannot easily access the river from many points, but I did nab a few shots that reveal a bit of colour.

I call this tree (above) the Reindeer Tree from a wonderful winter photo that my BiL took that to my eye resembled a reindeer from a certain perspective. It was snow-covered and in beautiful light and hangs in my bedroom.

Below, we peer through another gap in the trees to see some colour across the river.

And another shot showing some colour and reflections.

The river is strictly private, not that anyone can actually own a river, but there are so many spots where fallen trees impede progress that no one would especially wish to canoe here.

But the fallen comrades did trap colourful leaves in spots.

Sometimes, I saw beautiful reflections.

No wonder this place draws us at this time of year.

I hadn't meant to concentrate on the river, but once I got going, it seemed like the right way to go. I'll post more colourful forest shots, likely tomorrow.


TexWisGirl said...

love the last shot and the 3rd! wow! such beauty. i found joy just viewing them.

Marie Smith said...

Paradise! Autumn glory! Great post!

Silver Willow said...


Jenn Jilks said...

I so miss my cottage.