Saturday, February 08, 2014

This Post Doesn't Start Out to be about Beavertails

  • The Olympics have begun. Exactly 20 years ago, I watched from the floor after a back attack. I was down there for much of two months.I have not had that kind of back attack since, but I do live with lingering effects. For example: I have not played one game of tennis since. For several years prior, I had played tennis most days during the summer.

  • I just saw a sign at the liquor store, advising me to "Drive Careful". I approve the intent, but it causes the pedant in me to grind my teeth. Careful is an adjective. Adjectives modify nouns. Carefully is an adverb that modifies verbs such as drive.

  • Just don't get me started about the "Eat Local" campaign. (more grinding of my pearly whites)

  • One of my British Flickr contacts recently opined, "Your never ending snow must be tiresome ..." Dya think?! We are up to almost 3 months of continuous snow cover, with at least another month left to go and perhaps as much as 2 months. (my teeth are not disintegrating)
  • Actually, I am not doing too badly, but my present low level of antsyness will soon begin to grow.

  • Ottawa's annual Winterlude Festival has begun. I have never attended, but we have company coming next week, so we will get into the city to do something or other.

  • I have never walked on the world's longest skating rink on the Rideau Canal. Maybe this will be the year. Apparently, one should have a beavertail while on the canal.

Here's a very short clip of skating on the canal for those who are wondering.

  • While skating on it is out of the question it would be nice to walk it . . . and enjoy a beavertail.

  • The beaver is a Canadian symbol. Beaver pelts were once a major export. They made fine hats back in Merry Olde England.
Beaver Hat: The Height of Fashion
  •  Now we just eat their tails.

  • Haha. Fooled ya. It's just kind of fried dough pastry, hand stretched to resemble a beavers tail . . . or so they say.

  • Beavertails can be purchased in various spots, including the Byward Market in downtown Ottawa.

  • They can also be purchased directly on the canal when it is opened for skating, usually sometime in January.

So that's it. I begin by talking about the Olympics, grammar and winter and end up nattering on and on about Beavertails.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry. I like the canal idea. I think I will remember, now, when to add the ly. Can't have you grinding your teeth. You will need them to enjoy your beaver tail.

Jimmie Earl said...

Here in Indiana, we call them Elephant Ears. Same thing, though, and wonderful! Shame though that we can only get them at the "red barn" booth at our county fair in August! An elephant ear is the only reason I ever attend the fair. Last year I had my daughter bring me one.
Have fun with your company.

Tabor said...

Trying to not eat that unhealthy stuff and you are NOT helping!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that looks yummy!

(i cringe every now and then on the lack of 'ly', too.) :)

Dale said...

Mmmm. Beaver Tails are love. (ly)

Hilary said...

Ack.. the LCBO has done it again. I've seen Drive Safe .. now we're to Drive Careful, too? They need to Write Proper. ;)

I've never had a Beaver Tail. Yet.

Jackie said...

I'm an English major.
You had me at "ly."

ChrisB said...

Well, you learn something everyday!! Those beaver tails look mighty good glad they don't sell them here!!!

Enjoyed seeing the birthday and snow posts AC, we haven't had any snow this year, and I'm not sure that it wouldn't have been better than all the storms and constant rain we've experienced so far this winter! Roll on Spring.

troutbirder said...

Non protein beaver tails. Whoda thought? My spouse, the retired English teacher, is the local grammarian. I am one of her less than competent students.... Fun post!

Gail Dixon said...

My daughter, the English major, has the same gripes as well. She follows strict grammatical guidelines even with text messages.

Those beaver tails look absolutely YUMMY!

Hope you have fun with your company and that the snow isn't too much of a hindrance.

Ginnie said...

Edible Beaver tails ... Elephant ears??? Ugh. Sounds like I am in the minority according to your commentors but I still say UGH !

Hena Tayeb said...

yikes.. i'm going to have to be careful around the grammar police..

i have been to the Rideau Canal.. did not know it turns into a skating rink.. that sounds amazing.

I also tried a Beaver Tail when in Ottawa.. unfortunately didn't live up to all the hype.. but then again anything sweet with sugar sprinkled on it is good in my books :)

Mara said...

I hear you on the grammar! I am the same if I see it. Same with spelling. I recently drove a colleague nuts by saying he (Norwegian) spelt something wrong! The fact that me (Dutch) had to point it out...

Donna said...

Never heard of them but they look delicious!