Thursday, February 06, 2014

JJ's Birthday Part 1

It was a day with several celebratory components, beginning with the arrival of the children to our house in the morning. (They take the school bus from our house.)

We began the day with a candle in a granola bar. He likes granola bars.
Danica seems concerned for some reason.

Sue added the 5s to a candle that we had on hand, and I took the traditional "Blowing out the Candle" photo.

Then, we had a rousing game of trivial pursuit. JJ kept switching sides,
depending whether the Amma or Buppa side had more pies.
Our teams are very loose, and everybody helps everybody.

We picked them up for a lunch at Mickey Dees. There were hockey game boards on some of the tables.
Sue rolled up little "pucks" from the napkins, the boy and I had fun.
I can't barely fathom how serious I look playing this funny, little game. :)

At one point, with interest waning, I flicked a "puck" into JJ's mouth.
This was so exciting that Danica was compelled to join the fun.

JJ is digging out the latest "goal" that I landed in his mouth, while Danica eagerly anticipates the thrill.
Maybe the best fun is still the inexpensive, low tech kind.
Then, it was back to school. After the dropoff, Sue and I scurried home to begin preparing the roast for the birthday supper. Phew! Stay tuned.


Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos . Happy Birthday to JJ . Yup they tire ya out so full of energy lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

TexWisGirl said...

too cute. thanks for the snickers. :)

Dale said...

It's so easy to have fun with kids. Glad to see you've never lost (or perhaps you've regained) your sense of play. Wonderful photos!

Gail Dixon said...

It's so awesome that your grandkids are so close by. Looks like a fun day celebrating!

Hilary said...

These kidlets are so lucky to have two fantastic, doting grandparents. The time you spend together is so sweet.

Lorna said...

You and Sue never fail to amaze me

Donna said...

Lordy, it doesn't seem like five whole years now....He's a Doll!