Thursday, October 17, 2013

Riverwood Autumn

We were able to see and enjoy quite a bit of autumn colour when we were at the cottage, so I think I'll put together a few posts showing some of the pictures I took. Today's set comes from at or near the cottage where we stayed.

Actually, there's not a lot of colour right on the grounds as there are a lot of coniferous trees. That and the sad fact that the elms have all succumbed to dutch elm disease.

This is a juvenile maple tree against a foggy background, which helps it to stand out nicely. I am quite fond of this one.

There is much forest on the property. One day we took a walk in the woods. I pointed my camera up and snapped the next photo.

Although there is not a lot of colour right at Riverwood (the name of the cottage property), I always know that I can find some in the neighbourhood, just a mile or so up the road. Whenever I see a birch tree, especially if it's surrounded by autumn colour, I am tempted to take a photo. Unfortunately, there was a wire in the way this time, but for this blog, I am not going to work at trying to photoshop it out.

Here's another photo, not too far from the previous one but on a different road. I usually drive this road once or twice when I visit as I always fine it interesting, but never more so than in autumn.

Back at Riverwood, here's a spot of colour by the little footbridge that extends over the Crowe River to the property next door. Some local hunters asked Brian (my brother-in-law, owner of Riverwood) for permission to build this bridge because there is a huge tract of undeveloped forest on the other side — prime hunting territory. However, the owner saw what they were up to and posted a No Trespassing sign. Hooray for the deer! I decided to grit up this one a little in post processing as it seemed to suit somehow.

There is another story about the bridge, which involves an older hunter who decided to take his ATV across anyway. However, the gate swung shut behind him, and when he returned and leaned over to unlatch the gate, he kicked his vehicle into reverse, and they both fell down the bank. He's an older guy and reported that it took him a year to recover. I got this straight from the horse's mouth, and I believed the animal ... er ... I mean him.

I took the next picture on the same foggy day as the very first photo of this post. It shows the bridge and its reflection. Not much colour, but I kind of like the mood.

A branch of brightly lit maple leaves: on a sunny day this time, somewhere down the old logging trail.

Finally, let us peek around another young maple to take a quick look at the shed before heading back to the cottage for the night. It's 7:30 and it's starting to get dark.


Jackie said...

I could stay here forever...
These are magnificent photographs.
I love the fog surrounding the deciduous tree; and the colors are breathtaking.
Thank you so much for sharing these with me.

Ginger said...

Wow, I think that's the most glorious collection of autumn photos I've ever seen! The photo of the road is my very favorite. I've never seen a place like that in real life.

Linda Braun said...

What a wonderful getaway place. Misty mornings are my favorite; they make autumn leaves simply pop with color (or is it colour up there?)

Jimmie Earl said...

Beautiful! Our color here in Indiana is just about at it's peak. I will try to post some photos.
I agree with "Jackie" that I could stay there forever. What a lovely spot for a get-away!

Regenia said...

These are beautiful photographs! They are so perfect they look like a set of greeting cards.

TexWisGirl said...

i do love that top one. beautiful red against the gray. pretty birch, too! don't see them down here in texas - at least not in my area.

trespassers beware!

KGMom said...

Lovely lovely photos--as ever, your eye is right on!
As for Photoshopping out annoying wires? You, too? Oh, yes I do--I have even photoshopped out people who suddenly popped into my perfectly framed photo. I did that at the original Olympic stadium (from whence came the term "stadium") when two tourists suddenly walked through the archway as I took my shot. So I dutifully painstakingly photoshopped them if they had never existed. That'll teach them.

Mary said...

Beautiful, John. Thanks so much for sharing.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

John, seeing these photos it is obvious that the cabin getaway is not only restful but beautiful as well. I agree that sometimes using PhotoShop or a similar program is just not worth the effort, unless the photo is the single featured one.

Lorna said...

Sharing with Dave, the autumn enthusiast. Lovely stuff and I think I like the moody ones best.