Monday, October 14, 2013


We are back from our vacation, somewhat frazzled and dispirited.

We were having a very fine holiday, enjoying very fine weather and very fine autumn colours. On one drive-about things changed when we slowed down to pull off to the left. I was beginning to make the turn when I heard the squeal of brakes a second or less before we were hit. We were spun a 180 degrees onto the shoulder on the other side of the road. The back tire sank into the soft shoulder almost a foot deep, and we came to rest a hair's breath from the edge of the ditch. It wasn't a deep ditch, but I think if we had gone another few inches, it might have been enough to cause us to roll.

This is the photo of our car across the street, after we had moved it, and the other guy's car, which was still pointing in the direction in which both of us had been travelling. It shows where we came to rest although we had moved the car forward, away from the edge of the ditch, by this time.

Our car didn't look bad, but the other guy's Cady took quite a hit. However, after a long wait for the police and then for him to complete the paperwork, we were both able to drive the rest of the way home.

The next day he, Dave, found out that the damage to his Cady was estimated to be $16 500 and that it wouldn't be repaired at that cost.

Meanwhile, our car looked pretty good on the outside, and it was drivable.  You see, he had more or less gone under our car, so it actually looked pretty good. It didn't look so fine, however, when I opened the trunk. When I saw how bent and crinkled it look, I worried about structural damage.

Almost a week later after having the car towed a long distance into Peterborough and then waiting days for the repair shop to get around to looking at it, my fears were confirmed. Write-off!

I am not thankful about this because the car was relatively low mileage for its age and good for another five years in my estimation. Of course, insurance will only offer what it would have been worth on the market, not what it is worth to us. This will create some financial pain for us as well as much inconvenience until we get it all sorted.

However, it could have been much worse. We could have rolled over. There could have been a car approaching in the oncoming lane. We could have been severely injured. None of this happened, and for this I am thankful on this our Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

I am thankful because it's been a good life, which hopefully isn't nearly over. My health has been good for the long run despite recent arthritic complaints, and I have been surrounded by a wonderful family.

Almost forty-five years ago, I married a marvellous woman. We are quite devoted to each other, and life has been good. This is a recent snapshot as she sat in our little porch a sewed this or that. Sue doesn't like the photo because it shows age lines, but I love her and her age lines. Very much. It pleases me that we have grown old together (although we are not really old yet — just not young), and the age lines remind me of our good life together.

This is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Yesterday, we celebrated the usual turkey feast at the kids' house, enjoyed our time with family and those grandkids that I adore so much. Today is the official Thanksgiving Day, and I am thankful, for life is good.


Jackie said...

Your Sue is beautiful...and I'm so happy that you and your wife were not hurt in the accident. I'm sorry about your vehicle, but I'm so very thankful that there were no injuries to you, Sue or the people in the other vehicle. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of these families.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Boucle the Poodle said...

Very glad that it was only your car that was damaged John. Though I do feel the pain of having to replace it.

It sounds like you are having a wonderful life with Sue, wishing you many more blessed years together.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Best Jane & Boucle.

Ginnie said...

Thank goodness that you two are safely back home. It could have been so much worse.
You have the sort of marriage that so many people would give a fortune to have. Is there some way you can bottle and sell it???
You'd be set for life financially.

KGMom said...

AC--through tears, I write. First, oh I so understand that "growing old" together appeal. "Grow old along with me/the best is yet to be..."
And, I understand Sue's disaffection for the photo (I cringe when I see photos of me showing that I am...older) but I understand too your love of it--showing the reality that is the bedrock of your life.
Finally--yikes--so sorry about the accident. SO frustrating when it is the other guy's fault. But thankful that you weren't hurt. And hoping you weather the financial burden as best you can.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING--for life, for long love, for bedrock relationships, and for health (except for creaky knees).

Ruth said...

Sometimes hardship makes us more grateful. So glad you were not hurt and that the children were not with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

TexWisGirl said...

what a sweet, sweet post - after starting with what could have been so dire... glad none of you were hurt as bad as your vehicles!

Granny said...

Things can be replaced. People can't. Cliches become cliches for a reason. So glad the two of you are okay.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry to read about the auto mishap, glad that all concerned were uninjuried, except for the vehicles, but agree with Granny's comment, and know yiu do as well.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours on a celebration day which gives you so much to be thankful for as yiu so well stated in this post, John. And, like Sue, I also dislike some photos which make me look "less young" but then age is relative as long as yiu are enjoying life and living it well as yiu both are. Thanks for sharing your feelings on love.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back buddy. Sorry about the fender bender. BUT if you discount the automotive problem, the foliage colors in your first picture were wonderful. We are still green here in the "Sunny (not) South". And as to age lines, tell your Cuppa that they really are lines of Character. I should know since they have been calling me a Character for many years ;-)))).

Anonymous said...
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Linda Braun said...

Looking at your first photo I can see why the other driver was distracted--but then again he might have just as easily been texting on his cell phone. So glad that all of you are okay but feel your pain about having to give up a what had been a perfectly good vehicle at the insurance company's idea of value.

You and Sue are so very fortunate, not only that you were both okay in the accident, but to have such a long lasting and loving relationship. And the age lines? We worked hard for them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Anvil Cloud John. I'm glad you are all safe and sound and your wife is lovely. Hubble. I don't know why I said that. Yes I do. Love Story and Sex in the City. A lethal combination, that. Your Sue might know. Ohhhh anyways, thank you for visiting CC:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, it was, THE WAY WE WERE. Sorry. I get my movie quotes mixed up sometimes.

Pearl said...

that hood looks nasty, and the back. yes, could have been much worse, or better. is what it is.

hope you're not shook up too badly. it can take a while for bones to register it.

Jimmie Earl said...

So sorry about your accident, but glad no one was hurt and that you are home safe and sound.
Tell Sue that those are not age lines, they are laugh lines which shows how good life has been as she has aged.
Your remark about "not being old, just not young any more: priceless.
Be happy!

Teresa Teixeira said...

I'm glad you are both ok and of good health! :)

Hilary said...

Whew... I'm glad it wasn't worse. It had to have shaken you to the core, as it was.