Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Eeriness

In the past little while, I've saved a few photos especially for this day. In keeping with the Halloween tradition, they all have a touch of eeriness. At least I think so. All but one were taken on a foggy morning in August, but I put them aside until now. Actually, when I say "morning", it was very very early — still night really. I simply woke up early, saw the fog, and decided to go out and shoot.

This "Face in the Tree" was shot recently.

Back to the foggy morning where I encountered some pretty creepy spider webs. Look at all of the webs in this picture. This is the bridge on our main street (cleverly called Bridge Street) over the Mississippi River (no not THAT Mississippi River) by townhall.

This final photo was also taken by townhall. I think it must win the creepy award for the day.

Eerily Yours


Donna said...

Love them ALL But....the last two definitely speak to me!!Hahaa
Happy Halloween! Cool shots!

Jimmie Earl said...

Creepy, but Oh so cool! I love the colored shots of the bridge. There should be a black carriage with a team of wild black horses galloping across it! Pardon my vivid imagination!
Great shots. And yes, the webs get the prize.

TexWisGirl said...

that last one is glorious! i really liked pics 2 & 3 as well!

Hilary said...

They're all wonderful but they sure did get increasingly creepier. Love the last two.

Regenia said...

You have a great eye. A perfect Halloween portfolio. I CAN see Jimmie Earl's black carriage and horses racing across that bridge!

Anonymous said...

I love these, especially the tree. Do you see a face in the second one? In the leaves of the tree? What is that?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The last photo is the best...very eerie and fitting that it's at town hall, maybe a connection here?

Mara said...

The last one screams of creepiness! I can just see ghouls and ghosts coming around the corner!