Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From Coffee to Cardom

Every now and then I just shotgun a bunch of unconnected points out into the blogiverse. This is one of those times.
  • Before our country holiday, we had the bright idea of moving the Tasimo upstairs in order to save me two trips down the stairs in the early morning. I am usually the first to arise from slumber, and I take my achy knees downstairs for my morning perk-me-up. When Sue gets up later, I do her the courtesy of going down for her cup. After the hols, we got around to moving the machine upstairs, and I am feeling right chuffed about having a coffee maker in my own room (where there is already a little fridge, so the cream is close to hand).
  • Speaking of mornings (and any other time really), I looked a lot better in the cottage mirror. You see, the lighting in the bathroom was kind of dim and also behind me. Yes siree: the old boy looked A-okay. Unfortunately, with bright front lighting on the home front, the view ain't so grand.
  • We don't watch reality TV except for the singing competitions and SYTYCD. Both Voice and X Factor are currently running. We taped both shows while we were away. When we returned and began to catch up, we watched The Voice first. That must say something although when I stop to analyze it, I'm not sure that I really prefer one over t'other.
  • What I can tell you (as you await excitedly with bated breath) is that I was not impressed with a new program that we decided to record — Hostages. We shut 'er down and erased it shortly into the second episode. You have to wonder how some shows make it as far as they do. (I do, however, apologize to anyone who loves the show and is offended by my unkind remarks.)
  • I have the Lemon Aid car book from the library in an attempt to sift through possible options as we begin our hunt for a new (to us at least) vehicle. In the categories that we are primarily investigating, I don't think I've found one Recommended vehicle. To be fair, however, a number are listed as Above Average. Still, it's slim pickins unless you have much money to burn.
  • We once had a Toyota, of which I was quite fond although it wasn't as good as our recently deceased Honda. I was sad to see that Toyota is now rated so poorly. It is also sad to see that most North American cars still do not rate highly (keeping in mind that many Asian cars are now built on these shores, so perhaps it's not that grim of a situation).


Regenia said...

Actually, I totally enjoyed this. A face to face conversation covers all different topcs. Why not a blog?

KGMom said...

Comments will correlate (hopefully) with your ramblings.
1. Makes perfect sense--move the coffee maker, save the knees. On a side note, must be something about (ahem) older men--my husband too makes the morning coffee in our machine and always serves me one. I quite like it.
2. Give my light from the front--yes, I see more damage, but it also makes it easier to apply the concealing make-up.
3. I don't watch ANY reality TV.
4. Our current favorite seasonal show--HOMELAND.
5. Car hunt--good luck.
6. Toyota--I still love my RAV.

TexWisGirl said...

the coffee maker upstairs made me laugh. :)
i totally agree with #2. yikes, that direct light is cruel!
the voice plays in the background when i blog sometimes. i like the coaches now that xtina is back. love blake.
honda all the way. i've driven nothing but for about 28 yrs, now.
did have a toyota truck. it died on the highway at 186k miles. *sigh*

LOVE the new show, the blacklist. the only new program i picked up this season and it is THE BEST!!!

Pearl said...

it's like a hotel room in there now. you just need a mint on your pillow.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We always have our coffee in the bedroom, but then it's because Grenville (Pat) goes downstairs to get us both a cup. When we can relocate to single floor living, coffee fetching in the a.m. will be easier for him.

Can't comment on any TV shows as we don't watch any and without cable service, which we don't subscribe to, our reception is nearly nonexistent. Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time finding a recommended replacement vehicle. I have a Jeep Liberty but would not recommend it.

Oddly enough, I was considering either a Honda or Subaru when the time comes to replace it, but not before.

Jackie said...

I love this!
It's like sitting in the room and talking with you. Love it!!
Big smiles,

Jimmie Earl said...

I love my 2006 Chrysler Sebring, but maybe a sedan is not what you are looking for. I had a 1994 Dodge Caravan for 14 years before that. Just sayin'.
I don't like reality TV either, but used to watch The Voice, but not this season. "Hostages" fell very short of all the pre-season hype it got. Fantastic cast, but the premise of the show sucks. So, after the first episode, I said, "no more." I'd rather read!! LOL!

Donna said...

*Can't imagine a two story house when we are getting older...
*I don't believe in mirrors...
*I LIVE in reality...why tape it.
*Just the name, Hostages gives me the willies!! Moronic producers!
*I really like my GMC Terrain...after All, it was built in Canada!
Fun post!

Kerry said...

I will be interested to see what car you pick. We drive our cars for decades. But pretty soon we will have to get a new one. Our mechanic dislikes hybrids, although we like the idea. The car has to be tough enough to haul a couple of big dogs & go on the occasional rough road, but should be nice enough to carry guest-people. We don't want a gas hog, but the car should be safe. It may be time to not mess with a manual transmission. Should seat 5 people...How hard can this be?

Finn Felton said...

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