Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thru the Ceildow on the Estalot

Our recent hols were spent at one in-laws' place, and while there, we took a sidetrip to visit our other in-laws. These in-laws have a beautiful house, nestled in a large and beautifully wooded lot. In fact the lot is really too big to call a lot although it doesn't quite seem to reach estate status. Maybe it's an estalot.

Autumn was looking awfully fine in their estalot. Off the kitchen is a huge ... hmm ... what is it? Well, it's an awfully big, floor to ceiling window, which actually includes some windowed ceiling. So maybe it's a ceildow in an estalot house.

Here's ↓ the ceildow , so you go ahead and tell me what to call it. I'm just a guy afterall.

This is shot thru the ceildow ceiling. Pretty, eh?

And this is the reflection on the kitchen wall cast by the ceildow.

 A shot from the deck just outside the ceildow . Not a bad view with your morning coffee, eh?

Of course, the woods beckoned, and I took a little amble around.the estalot.

They have art and curiosity pieces strewn here and yon in their woodsy estalot. In this one, a teapot plays the fiddle.

The Grand Central clock on their little shed is an amusing juxtaposition because this tranquil place couldn't be much farther from the grand hustle and bustle.

As beautiful as their home in this estalot might be, the place is actually going to the dogs. Their two gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniels really do live the life of royalty.

Occasionally, King Larry takes the royal spaniels for a stroll about the estalot.

All in all, I must opine that both in-laws and spaniels are living the good life.

Unfortunately, our visit ended with the sad news that our car was a write-off, so we headed into town from this tranquil interlude to retrieve whatever we wished from Harriet the Chariot, who was such a fine car for us for these past ten years. It was rather sad-making.

Knowing that we needn't hang about any longer, the next day, we packed up the rental and headed home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend. Despite, Harriet's untimely demise, there was much for which to be thankful.


TexWisGirl said...

i'm loving your made-up combo words. but i'm loving their PLACE even more!!! wow!

Jackie said...

You took me away to a beautiful place as I visited your blog this afternoon...and I thank you for that.
I have an affection for King Charles Cavaliers...and their wonderful "bug eyes." My daughter has a Cavalier...(his name is Charlie)...and he is a sport model.
Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them with me....

Lorna said...

From the title of your post, I really expected some kind of Celtic/Esperanzan mashup. Lovely photos though.

Lorna said...

From the title of your post, I really expected some kind of Celtic/Esperanzan mashup. Lovely photos though.

Regenia said...

CLEVER!! Beautiful pictures. My kind of place, for sure.

Mara said...

I was wondering if you were trying out a new language it seems it was! Love the views, especially of the kitchen wall! Very artsy.

troutbirder said...

Be it ever so humble.... or whatever you call it, a beautiful home in the woods is just about right....:)

Hilary said...

Once there was an elephant who tried to use the telephant. Or should I say the elephone who tried to use the telephone. That's what your estalot and ceildow reminded me of. But your lovely photos reminded me of magic. They're wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Estalot. Ha. It's a lovely estalot. I would call that glass room a sun room, but Ceildow is much more fun