Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Deal is Done and the New Girl is Home

So boys and girls, 23 days after the accident and 21 days after picking up our rental vehicle we are finally getting on an even keel.

I like that word: keel. Using it kind of floats my boat, even though I don't own one. It's a nifty trick.

The rental went back yesterday, and we picked up our new used CRV.

The two events coincided nicely as that was the very last day that insurance would fund a rental. Even then, I had to beg and plead for extra time.

Goodbye Jeep Patriot. You were good on the road but were found wanting in comfort and ergonomics. My back will not miss you although you tried your best.

The newcomer is black, just like the former CRV and also like the rental Jeep Patriot.

The CRV is pretty comfortable for us. We were quite willing to be thrifty and get into a Civic or something of similar size. We're all for economy for us and for stepping with the more favorable environmental footprint of a smaller vehicle; we really were. But you see, our backs think they are old, and they kicked up such a fuss.

Oddly enough, the CRV and Civic are just about the same width and length. I guess the extra height makes the CRV more comfy womfy.

Another limitation is that we live in Canada and like to use our garage in winter, but it's a small garage. Both small sedans like Civics and small SUVs like CRVs will fit. The somewhat larger Accord-size-vehicles would be too tight a fit if they fit at all. The CRV is tight enough as it is; Sue must exit the passenger side before I pull in or else she'd have to stay seated until spring. Being a kindly fellow, I would gladly bring her bread and water, however.

What is it with us and black SUVs? We never particularly want black but seem to have developed a penchant for ending up with same.

At least in automobiles, black shows the dirt more than white. It doesn't seem to make sense, but there it is.

We know about black and white and cars and dirt because we've owned both black and white vehicles and we allowed both of them to get dirty — at least once.

Owning both white and black cars must prove that we are either color blind or the opposite. I don't know which. Yes, I do. Hint: I am so left on the spectrum that I am pink.

Why are socialists pinkos and fascists rednecks? It doesn't make sense. What's wrong with purple or lavender for us left leaning types? (Just slightly left. Let's not go all political today, ladies and germs.)

Car hunting is not fun but making the deal is fun — about as much fun as getting a root canal, that is.

Our deal almost broke down over a difference of $350. I know it's a paltry amount when one is spending a fortune, but wars have been fought over less, and even Sweet Sue was getting pis ... er, ah ... annoyed at their negotiating tactics.

Obviously, we reached an acceptable solution for both sides with both getting what they wanted. Figure that one out.

What is with the $399 that dealers want to charge by default to get their extra special theft insurance? If you try to opt out, they squeal like their crown jewels are being absconded with. I suppose that hurts though. I know I would squeal if someone were to put the squeeze on my jewels and head for the door.

Around here, with sales tax, warranty extension,  PDI charges, and rust proofing (which is kind of necessary in the Great White North), you can easily add $5000 - $10000 to the cost of the car, which kind of makes a mockery of the sticker price and the low finance charges that the dealers post to entice the great unwashed into their showrooms.

A 13%  sales tax hit is a pretty doggonedly whoppingly humungous amount on top of a big ticket item. This is the price of being Canadian, but we are quite fond of our publicly funded health care, which we are rather in need of after forking over those taxes. Teapartiers would not be their normal happy, jolly selves up thisaway.

And then there's the financial finagling. To get the best interest rates we had to make sure the loan was over x dollars. Meanwhile, we were trying to balance good rates with keeping the monthly payments low enough that we could still afford milk, bread ... and the occasional pat of butter. Very occasional. Butter is overrated anyway.

We still don't have the insurance settlement in hand, but we have been able to cover that by some insider trading. Should I expect a knock on the door, or will they just knock it down?

Oh oh, I think I hear sirens.


This was our penultimate view of Harriet the Honda, aka Harriet the Chariot. Once we learned that she was destined for the scrap heap, we did visit her one more time to grab the stuff that she used to carry around for us. It was an emotional farewell. It's odd how one can get attached to a vehicle.

The rental jeep: she who will remain nameless. Also yours truly loaded with coffee mugs.

The new girl is being coy about her name. Will it be Hermione the Honda? Or maybe Harmony, or Holly. Suggestions? (Note: this is not she but a photo of same from the web.)


Mara said...

I like Hermione, it has a certain ring to it. Magical like!

It's nice to read a blog written by a nice person: taking bread and water in to somebody is always good. However, you didn't state how often, which might be considered a bit of a miss.

Anyway, I hope this car will be very good for you both and that you will be very happy together. Long journeys to beautiful photos!

Jimmie Earl said...

I like Hilda the Honda. Didn't like the Harry Potter stuff anyway! Congrats on the new ride, dude! LOL! What is it with you and black cars? My last 3 have been red, so I have no room to talk. And no reds were the same color.
Enjoy the newby. If you have need of bread and milk, I might sneak some over to you! Ha!

TexWisGirl said...

i am a honda gal all the way. have driven nothing but for the past 28 yrs. my little civic 5 spd and the honda ridgeline truck fit me just fine. :)

hope this one gives you lots of years of good service.

Jackie said...

Love your new ride...
So glad that things are settled now regarding the car. I know that you are, too.
My hubby has a red 1998 Honda Civic (5-speed)... We hardly drive her any more. She was his work that he drove every day as he had to visit almost every elementary school in the county to work on the computers there. She is gas efficient...but now that he is retired and getting older (cough)...he doesn't really want to shift gears any more. She was named "Little Red"...and that's what my Grands think her name is. Really.
She sits in our back yard...and we crank her every now and keep her happy...and running. But we don't drive her much any more.
My ride is white. I have always preferred a white vehicle. You are soooo right. They appear cleaner.
A darker car shows dirt and dust much easier. Go figure! But it's true.
Regarding a name for your new ride...I'm gonna think on it. I will get back with you, though.
Enjoy your new car.
Smiles and hugs,

Hilary said...

Congrats! But I can't think of a single female name that begins with H. ;)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Congrats on the new used CRV and the only H name that comes to mind is Hope. I currently own a Jeep Liberty and can attest to it not being the most comfy car, so when it's time has come, an CRV or Subaru could be it's replacement.
Nice that you would fetch bread and water for Sue if she had to stay in the garage until spring...and yes butter can be overrated...shall we send some your way, John.

Shammickite said...

I've been out of the bloggy loop for a while so the news that your car is a writeoff is news to me..... so annoying I am sure. However congrats on getting your own set of wheels again. I have never driven a Honda but they have a good reputation so god luck with it! Also i scrolled down a bit and your pictures of the autumn leaves are really lovely!

Mary Gilmour said...

Hecate? is is almost Hallowe'en.