Friday, June 28, 2013

JJ at the Depot

There is a place called the Country Depot on the road to Almonte. Actually, it has another name now, but it's still the Country Depot to us. In addition to being an agricultural supply depot, they have a nice gift shop as well as a garden centre.

On some days in the summer, if we go at the right time, they have boxes and boxes of chicks awaiting pickup. JJ likes to visit them, but he especially likes to take his turn on the tractors that are lined up out front. He goes up the line, climbing on each one and back down the line repeating the process. The last time that I took him, they had a genuine big tractor, but I didn't have the camera with me that day. It was a special treat, however.

Before we leave the Country Depot, here's one of JJ and Grandma in the garden centre. Just because.


KGMom said...

Oh, the look on his face in that one photo--like "I'm ready to drive...right now!"

Donna said...

Looks like that green mower fits the bill!! Too cute!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

How wonderful that they have such lovely lawn mowers out front for little boys to climb on. Does he dream of having a suburban estate some day?