Thursday, June 06, 2013

Heads or Turbans

There is a big foofaraw taking place in the province next to and near to us — Quebec. You see, the Quebec Soccer Association has placed a ban on turbans — both for coaches and players, apparently.

There is a great howling over this. Perhaps there should be a brouhaha although on one hand I find it refreshing that some politicians are willing to take a stand and declare that there are certain acceptable norms in society. On the other hand, I am not sure whether banning children from playing soccer is the right venue for the battle.

The deeper problem (because the turban thing will likely be resolved sooner than later) that nobody is talking about, however, is to figure out what are the parents' rights and what are the childrens'.

Do parents really have the moral right to so impose their religion on their children to the point where they cause their children to stand out and apart from the others? Should boys wear turbans? Should girls wear the veil, even in it's minor variations? Wouldn't it be a great idea to let kids be kids without turning them into billboards for their parents' superstitions?

I have had proselytizers come to my door with their poor, sweet children in tow. I'd like to smack them. I have had students who felt it necessary to leave the room rather than stand for the national anthem. Do you think that this sort of singling out should be allowed to occur? I tell you; I don't like it.

Too many adults take their indoctrination of society's precious children much too far, for they are society's children and not just chattels of the parents. As part of the larger society, I am quite against such practices.

I wish people would talk about this elephant in the room at least as much as they react to the ban on turbans.

I confess that religion goes over my head, but I would rather it didn't go on the heads of innocent children.


Donna said...

I think if parents want to impose beliefs of One country onto Another, they need to go Back to the country that allows it! Whether it's Canada or the US, I'm sick of people immigrating to OUR countries for Freedoms they don't have in their own countries and then degrading what we all hold dear...Liberty!
If you come to OUR country, abide by OUR rules...Want to be an American, Canadian? BE ONE!
I get nuts over things like this...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I quite agree with both your statements and Donna's comments. If people from other countries want to assimilate into their adopted country, wherever that may be, some effort should be made to compromise. I do not mean they should give up their values or traditions to become more "like us" as they are some pretty sad examples of Americans around.

Hilary said...

I think one of the beautiful things about Canada is that it is home to many diverse cultures. I don't get much about religion either, but I fully respect a person's right to practice it how they see fit, as long as there is no danger or risk involved. And of course they'll raise their children to learn likewise.

I have to disagree with the first comment. It's not just OUR country. It's now THIERS also. We are all immigrants .. just two, three or four generations back. Would it seem okay for our ancestors to be told they could not practice their beliefs? I'd like to know how not allowing folks to wear turbans degrades liberty? Aside from the turban-wearers' liberty, that is.

I love how diverse we are. Religions is almost always a part of that whether we like it or not. I think we need to respect that.

I don't think the kids are any worse for wear because they are following their parents' wishes. I think it's the lack of acceptance that does more damage. And banning children/coaches from playing/coaching soccer for wearing their turbans is ludicrous to me.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is simply racist. The policy is now changed but the date of registering for soccer has past.