Monday, June 17, 2013

Back to the Dance Recital

Danica's dance recital took place more than a week ago, but since then, I have put two videos on YouTube. In both cases, I will identify Danica early on to help you follow. Last year, she was the veteran in the beginners group, but this year, she is one of the younger ones in both her groups and is in the back row much of the time. The first clip shows off her highland stepping, while the second is her jazz and tap class.

Follow this link for a Flcikr slideshow of all the pics that I have posted there. I used to be able to embed a slideshow show here in Blogger, but I can't with the new and improved [sic] Flickr, or at least I can't figure out how to do that. Once you click the link, you may advance the photos one-by-one, or you can click the little play icon near the top right for an automated showing.


Donna said...

Never Any trouble picking her out of a crowd! Performs perfectly!

KGMom said...

AC--these videos and your photos are just too dear.
Maybe some day, we'll have a tiny dancer in our granddaughter--the question is: where will the dance recitals be?

Lorna said...

I often think how carefully you've chronicled the lives of these children, and how well. There be treasure here.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My 2 nieces also had similar recitals, and I always wonder who enjoys the, more, the kids dancing or family watching?

Hilary said...

Such a shame about the lethargy. The poor kid lacks energy. ;)

She a sweet, non-stop bungle of power and joy. What a doll.