Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Danica's Last Day in Kindergarten

Danica has finished her second year of school. She's all done with kindergarten and ready for somewhat less play and more structured learning.

As has become a tradition on first and last days, I took pictures at the bus stop, which is just across the street.

First, we walk directly across the street to pick up H and H. I started this in the winter because Mom has a new baby, which she didn't need to drag out every morning.

The kids line up at the bus stop. The others line up in orderly fashion, but Danica and H&H usually drop their school bags and cavort around. But I wanted some line shots, so they were indulgent with the old grampa.

The bus stops in front of Rosie's place, which is a good thing because all of the other kids are hers — sort of. Rosie does daycare from her home, so even a lot of older kids get dropped off when their parents have to leave for work early. Danica's classes have been male-dominated. Strangely enough, when JJ goes next year, there will be more girls than boys. maybe that's a win for both kids ;)

Pictures done, Danica is eager to drop her backpack. Rosie has trained her kids to wait patiently in line. Danica and JJ will also have to learn to do this in the fall as they will be under Rosie's care for part of the time. Besides, it's a bit silly to drop the pack in order to run about for just two minutes.

And ... off she goes. Since she has to don her backpack, she's always near the end of the line.

She put in her day, and soon, we were waiting at the bus stop again.

The bus driver got a hug.

And I got a beautiful smile.

And that was that ... except for a Popsicle before heading home.


Shammickite said...

my oldest grandson is finishing junior kindergarten, it's another step forward on the way to growing up.... lovely to see them progress, but sad to see babyhood disappearing!

Gina said...

She is adorable!

Mary Gilmour said...

I do love the way she dresses and assume she has some input into clothing choices.
Lovely record AC,and I hope that in future years she will cherish it.

Hilary said...

That last image is a perfect first day of summer holidays photo. Luscious colour and she is as sweet as can be.

Kila said...

Happy last day of school!