Monday, June 24, 2013

Fathers Day at Lambs Down

With our last day with JJ to be blogged, I kind of lost track of posting Fathers Day pictures.

After breakfast, we all went to the Lambs Down festival, which took place by the Wool Growers Co-op. Lambs Down is kind of a take-off on the Ottawa football stadium, which is called Landsdowne Park. At least, I presume that's the clever connection that someone intended.

There were pony rides and sheep shearing, which I will save for Sue to post about. While the ladies wandered about, the boys took a gander inside the Wool Growers Co-op. This is what part of it looks like, and that's JJ and Eric wandering back toward the exit.

If you think you see tracks in the photo, you are correct. At one point this building was a railway centre, but it converted a long time ago, and is now the wool grading station for Canada.

After our little tour, the sheep shearing demo took place, and I will relent and post one photo although I don't want to steal Sue's thunder too much.

Later there was a sheep roundup demonstration. Those border collies are so smart. It actually herded them into a little transport van and then back out again.

And especially for the kids: face painting. We lined up a long time, and it was pricey: well done but costly.

Grandma didn't have her face painted, but she looked lovely as always. I need to include her because she had some small role to play in me becoming a father.


Mary Gilmour said...

I foresee that someone who had a role in your fatherhood may just whack you one.
Great shearing photo - am off to check Sue.

Donna said...

Hahaaa...glad you gave Grandma credit!
Love the shots!!

Ginnie said...

What a fun and exciting "Father's Day". I have always wanted to see a lamb shearing !
Also, it's nice to get back to seeing all your great photos after my self-imposed hiatus from blogs.

Lorna said...

I was here. I was impressed most by the face-painting. I remain wordless otherwise.

Bernie said...

wow look at the wonderful face painting, one of the best I've seen.
Loved seeing the sheering shot, we use to visit a farm owned by my dad's Scottish friend every summer when they did this. My dad always helped out while us kids had so much fun "a day on the farm".
Great post, xo

Shammickite said...

There are usually sheep shearing demonstration at Markham Fair in September.... it all happens so fast that the poor old sheep doesn't know what hit her (or him as the case may be). Great pic!

Hilary said...

Oh my.. I feel for that sheep. Baaaa!