Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Takes

I've been updating garden progress periodically as it evolves ever so slowly. We have completed another little job — lining the inside of the driveway border with stones ↑↑. We've also added two Chrysanthemums (as you can see) and two little Daylilies (which you probably can't see). I was hoping to do some renovation in the centre garden last weekend, but I was down with a cold. Given the time of year, I think I'll just make a few notes now and wait for the spring.

School is in. The neighbours with little children gather at the bus stop across the street; everyone stands around in a loose circle. I think it's cute, so I took this picture from my window. ↓↓

Since we had yesterday off from our babysitting gig, we took a little walk in the park after sitting and munching on fries/chips from the chip truck. Since I met our mayor at the truck and compared our chip-enhanced tummies, I have decided to vote for him in the upcoming election. To the point: the walk goes past the local high school and kids were our playing lacrosse in gym class. ↑↑

Further along, a little motor boat passed up and a lady and her dog walking on the other bank. ↓↓

Finally, I thought these geese ↑↑ were kind of framed nicely through these diverging tree trunks. Too bad they weren't interested in posing nicely and were already on the move. Because they were so anxious to be off, I wasn't able to get their names or to have them sign a consent form to allow me to post this. So, I am presuming.


JunieRose2005 said...

Hi AC,

Love your daily adventures!

You live in a beautiful place and your garden is very lovely to look at!


Anonymous said...

Your garden beds look lovely. I don't how the weather is in your area.. but here it has definitely cooled down. Making notes for next year sounds like a good plan.

And what a lovely park!

Ginnie said...

Your pictures make me want to get out and freshen up my yard... except that it's still in the mid 90's here and I melt in the heat.
And to answer your latest comment on my blog I'm also kind of amazed that I can use the computer ... being as ancient as I am !!

Doris said...

Nice series of photos. My goodness, if I needed consent forms from all my animal subjects I'd be in big trouble! :-)

Diana said...

I'm so glad that you had a nice day off! I love how your garden looks AC! You did a fine job.
Love Di ♥

Loner said...

The garden is REALLY lovely- and I love your stories about walking around town... sounds like such a wonderous thing.

Lorna said...

Your design for the garden is lovely---I really enjoy the way a curve seems so soothing. that's probably why I found the photo of the geese so appealing. Bravo!

Ruth said...

You have a very nice neighbourhood. I like you methods of choosing which mayor you want to vote for. Municipal elections would be so much easier if I knew any of the candidates.

Kila said...

Your landscaping looks wonderful. :)

Must be cute to watch the little ones out the window in the morning.

Lacrosse during gym class--that didn't happen in Wisconsin!

The Canadian geese are heavily invading Wisconsin these days. We even have some here in Florida.