Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fiddling in the House

Cuppa and I went to our first house concert last night. If my count is correct, 24 fine folk attended, not including the two hosts and two musicians. Such concerts occur semi regularly in this neck of the woods, where there are a lot of fine musicians, and I had wanted to attend one to sample the experience, and for twenty bucks apiece last night, we got our chance. The price was right, the entertainment was delightful, and the dessert provided by the host were to die for as they say ... somewhere.

Both the location and genre suited me well as the house was very local and the genre was a combination of fiddling (several styles, including Swing) and voice by a performer whom I had encountered previously — Kelli Trottier. She was accompanied by Halifax guitarist, Greg Simm who kept us all loose and entertained with his wonderful sense of humour.

The above clip was taken in a little burg in Ontario; Kelli is the second from the right. This is my kind of fiddling. She didn't a lot of that style last night, but I thoroughly enjoyed what she did. (There is some camera shake in the first few seconds, but it soon settles down.)

Below is a clip of Kelli singing with her somewhat renown touring company of fiddlers and violinists, Bowfire. The group very recently performed for Sean Connery's 80th birthday party in The Bahamas.

Both Cuppa and I were pleased with our first house concert experience. My horoscope predicts that I will attend more house concerts in the future.


Jinksy said...

But do you write your horoscope yourself? lol :)

Diana said...

Looked like a fun evening!
Love Di ♥

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sounds (sorry, bad pun) like a quite tuneful evening of entertainment. And, what was the dessert you died for, AC? House concerts are not something we have ever seen around here.

Anvilcloud said...

My "to die for" dessert was the most scrumptious carrot cake ever. I also saw a cherry pie; others said the cookies were yummy.

Mary G said...

My kind of music too. Ever take in a Gail Gavin concert? Good stuff!

Anvilcloud said...

Never heard of Gail until, but I just saw a bit of her on YouTube.