Thursday, September 02, 2010

Morning Tidbits

Speaking of tidbits, they are titbits in Britain, but I suppose we're too puritanical to say tit over here. Oddly enough, however, according to tid is the original source word: "c.1640, probably from dialectal tid 'fond, solicitous, tender' + bit 'morsel.' "

I have this morning received birthday wishes on Facebook from as far away as Finland and Georgia. Isn't that cool?

I enjoyed a hearty laugh at my computer this morning. After writing my birthday post (last night), I checked my email (this morning). I clicked on a message from Best Buy, which informed me that there is a new generation of iPods out there. So, my birthday iPod is already obsolete — on my birthday no less. That is too funny. (Note: I just proofread the above; I had typed Beast Buy instead of Best Buy. What do you think of that?)

How nice to know that even the prestigious NY Times is prone to making careless errors. I also received an email from them yesterday. Please note the discrepancy between the title and subject of the following text. To wit: Wimbledon is over and the US Open is on.

Wimbledon 2010
Follow Straight Sets, the Tennis Blog of The New York Times, for updates, insights, links and analysis on the U.S. Open. Stay up-to-the minute with live tweeting from the tournament by Times reporters and editors. Don't miss Open House, featuring Gerry Marzorati and Michael Kimmelman who are covering all of the nooks and crannies of the Open. For complete coverage of the U.S. Open visit

Speaking of tennis, I read this morning that Andy Roddick lost it a bit last night. Not only did he lose the match but lost his cool when he was called for a foot fault. Apparently he did foot fault, but when he asked the linesperson which foot, she picked the wrong one. Supposedly, it was the fact that she got the foot wrong and not the call itself that sent him into a tizzy. I do feel for Roddick, however; he is/was a fine player who would have won more tournaments and received more recognition had he not had the misfortune to play in the Roger Federer era.

Finally, last week KGMom posted a link on Facebook to a long article in the New Yorker mainly about the Koch brothers who have apparently funded the Tea Party so-called grass roots movements. I read the ten page essay, if not terribly closely, for interest sake. My take was and is that I find it terribly ironical that scores of Americans are being led by big business to protest big government. The NY Times reports, somewhat succinctly, on the original story.


Mara said...

Nog van harte gefeliciteerd en nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid erbij!

(Or: happy birthday and many happy returns in good health)

I got lost at the tid/titbits part. Getting up at 4am and still be fully functioning at 10pm seems to be beyond me right now!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Careful, AC, don't believe everything you read. The Teaparty movement is being grabbed by both sides like a bone of contention and misrepresented by many, and it is hard for those of us in grassroots movements to speak up and be heard when those with axes to grind rather than truth to tell keep attempting to define us and the movement and credit our anger and determination to change things to be merely the byproducts of manipulation by others.

Excuse me, my Sig Sauer needs cleaning.

P.S. After your titbit remark, I'm surprised you didn't accidentally type the store's name as Breast Buy.

JunieRose2005 said...

Happy Birthday, AC!

I didn't know!!-But hope it was a good one!

Diana said...

Well AC if I didn't know better I would think that you were Anti-American! We don't all follow the tea party movement and we don't all agree with government action. It is , just as it is in Canada, a personal choice.
Unfortunately I have long since given up hope for this country and all others.
Kind of funny since I am online typing this but I will say it again. My belief is that technology will be the downfall of our society as we know it. I feel very strongly about this.
Yet here I am online typing this comment to you!
Love Di ♥
P.S. I know, I am a silly girl!

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday AC.....hope you had a wonderful day my friend....:-)Hugs

Anvilcloud said...

Ah Diana, but you do know better. Love Americans even if I think y'all are a bit politically wonky. :)

Kila said...

I don't consider myself part of the Tea Party, as I haven't gone to any rallies or became a follower of theirs, but I admire folks for speaking up. People are finally upset enough with government to take action. Being able to do that is what makes America great.

I personally know dozens of people who have attended the rallies, and they are from all walks of life, and all political parties. What we hear about the Tea Party from liberal media is very far from the whole story. Ask yourself, why do liberals try so hard to discredit and bully the Tea Party? That alone makes me want to listen to them.

Pearl said...

aw, bummer on ipod. but then I'm a few generations behind with mine. it doesn't even have a camera. works for my needs.

hope you had a great bd overall. health and happiness to you!