Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Belated Cottage Pics

Even though it's not Christmas, like Cratchit I am a little behind my times with this post. We have been back from the cottage for almost three weeks, but it took me awhile to get around to posting these pictures because I first had to finish working with photos from our Down East trip,. Let's face it; it just had to be done. This batch I like from a photographic point of view.

Chickadee in the Woods
I walked into the woods, not very far in, to see what I could see. Soon, I heard chickadees cheeping and headed toward the sound. They were brave enough to stay within camera distance for awhile.

Chipmunk in the Woods
While I was standing still and taking chickadee pictures, a chipmunk stopped in front of me for quite a long time, trying to take the measure of such a weird, clumsy creature.

Monarch in the Trees
On another occasion, I passed this Monarch butterfly in the trees. Apparently, they have been somewhat scarce in the past few years, so I was glad to see this one and others later on.

Lights from the Planer Mill
Evenings found us down at the planer mill. We'd light candles inside and start a campfire outside. As you can see, it gets quite dark in the country.

Window in Red
There is a garage/shed on the property. I have taken pictures of the front, but this time I focussed on this simple picture of the window in the back wall.

What Lurks?
There is also a picturesque red bar on the property. Again, I focussed on a small area including a window.

The Planer Mill
Every year I seem to take a picture of the planer mill. It really was a working mill up until about fifteen years ago. Now that it has been screened in, we can be indoors away from the bugs but still feel like we are outdoors.

Bench Sward
We call this cleared area Bench Sward because years ago, my nephew and his friends built a Friendship Bench there (to the left of the willow tree in the photo). Although it's hard to see from this angle, we can get down to the river for a swim at one spot. It's a bit of a steep access, but we can manage. It's always cold in the Crowe River, however.

Through the screen, I spied with my little eye Auntie Lychee walking with Zach. I quickly took two pictures: one with the people in focus and one with the screen in focus. They're both okay, but I prefer this one with the screen in focus.

That's about it. Whatever will I think to blog about next?


Lorna said...

You should be so proud!!! Those are gorgeous pictures. However, I'm a little puzzled about the presence of a red bar at your country place...

Kila said...

Enjoyed your photos :)

I know what you mean about it taking time to work through batches of photos!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am enjoying your interesting photos.

Donna said...

Love them ALL! Look at the chipmunk!! What a cutie...and the Babies...The screen was a great idea!!

Doris said...

I love these photos! Aside from my affinity for the critter ones, I am very impressed by the wall/window ones and the view through the screen. And the lanterns look beautiful. Somehow I think you could use that in a Hallowe'en motif.
Thanks for directing me to this particular post.

KGMom said...

Oh, my--such full cheeks on the chipmunk.
Love the chickadee too.
No need to wonder what to write about when you have such lovely pics to share.

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

A great photo story A/C. Some really good ones. The red bar would that have been barn?
Nice trip.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! The chipmunk's very full cheeks had me smile. :-)

Mary G said...

That's a great batch of photos. i particularly like the shed window and the chipmunk, but they're all keepers for sure. You are one dern good photographer.
And I can think of worse reasons to vote for someone for mayor than that he likes french fries.