Monday, July 05, 2010

Holy Hotness Eh

Here's another Canadian myth gonzo, eh? I say Canadian in the sense of what others may think about this country 'cause we know better, eh? To wit: the snow does melt, and when it does, it can get pretty blinkin hot, eh? If you don't believe me, take a look at the thermometer, eh? (The little numbers are the ones our southern neighbours will want to check out.)

Yikes! It was hot enough to melt the hinges on hell's doors. So, I thought I should take the boy to the water park. This is not a water park in the sense of slides and wave pools, just a town park where they spray some water around.

Zach was pretty tentative: did a lot of standing and staring trying to figure out to what foreign scape his Buppa had taken him.

Okay then ... I'll touch the water. Yikes! It's wet.

Huh? You want me to wade in here? Right in the river? Is it safe?

Actually, it wasn't safe. A stumble later, and he was experiencing life as the fishies see it. After swallowing a mouthful, he decided to head back to he fountains and play in the much safer runoff by the drain.

Eventually, his Buppa took pity on the kid and nudged him away from the water and over to the swings. Bliss.

Even as I write this post it's 32°C/90°F — at 9:30pm. Hard to believe. EH?


KGMom said...

Yikes, it's hot here too.
I am not a fan of hot weather.
Give me winter any day.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Got the long underwear off just in time :) I am actually in shorts, no my usual attire.

Keep your hat on John!

Diana said...

O.K. first of all, enough with the EH already! We all know that you don't use that regularly!!!
Secondly, Zachs hat was the cutest thing on him and I loved the look on his face as he first approached the water, priceless!
I think that it is cooler here today then where you live AC!!
Love Di ♥

Mara said...

I've noticed you don't have to take children to the fanciest amusement parks with scary roller coasters. Give them some water to play in and they are happy. I bet Zach will be the same very very soon!

Bernie said...

I had heard it was really hot down has been nice here as well but we haven't hit 30 yet this year......:-) Hugs

JunieRose2005 said...

My Gosh, AC!!

I thought you guys always had snow up there!! :) Truly am astounded that it's THAT hot there!!

..however- you found a good way to keep Zach cool! :)


jinksy said...

Just reading your clock thermometer brought me out in a sweat! LOL !