Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Farewell

I was truly moved and saddened when I read that Barry the Explorer had passed away yesterday. The man touched me and many others through his blog.

Barry was a wonderful writer who had the gift of setting the scene and unfolding the narrative that few in Blogland can match. He was a realist but also an optimist in his writings, never ever allowing himself to wallow in the misery of his condition or whatever fear and trepidation that he might have felt. His skies always seemed sunny and bright, and I can add him to the short list of people whom I hope have taught me how to live and die with grace.

I am thrilled that we rang the bells for Barry when we could and when he could appreciate it; I think he was tickled pink by the worldwide outpouring that occurred in his honour. I am also so glad I took those few moments to code his ancestor's Wedding Waltz into computer music so that he could hear it for the first time. From his almost instantaneous posting, I would say that pleased him too. From this, I guess that in addition to what was can learn from his spirit, there's also a lesson about not hesitating to put yourself out for others. It is indeed blessed to give to someone as appreciative as he.

I am down two blogging friends within the year, but I feel blessed to have been partially included in both Pam's and Barry's worlds.


Bernie said...

Oh A/C I cried the day I rung the bell when he finished treatment and I cried when I was told he had passed. You brought much light into his life when it was dark with the bell and the music. Both were wonderful ideas and I was so happy you thought of these things.

I know you and Cuppa are going on holiday on Friday, I hope you can hold tight to your good memories and enjoy your vacation....I know for sure Barry would want you too.

I only knew Pam a short time, that too was sad, so young.

I guess this is what happens when we care so much for people A/C, we hurt wehen we loose them.

Sending you big hugs....:-)

Diana said...

I didn't know Barry AC but I do understand your sadness. We all seem to get so close as if we've actually met. I am sorry for your loss. Love Di ♥

Bonnie said...

What a lovely tribute to dear Barry. I remember the post he made re his excitement at your gift of the music of his ancestor. It must truly feel wonderful to have provided him with something that brought so much delight.

In one year I have experienced the loss of 4 dear blogging friends. This virtual arena certainly does offer one the opportunity to come to terms with one of the saddest givens of life - the fate of us all.

Barry would have loved this post.

Reya Mellicker said...

This is so beautiful, and so true to who Barry was/is. He allowed us to see him, to really see him. No wonder we loved him so much.

Thanks for this.

nollyposh said...

A beautiful tribute that tugs at my heart strings... You have written this as beautifully as would have Barry... Thankyou x

Linda said...

Barry played your music to the waltz for every person who would listen and to others who weren't as interested. He listened to it many, many times and could not believe you had sent it along to him. Thank you for that, your kind words and this lovely tribute you have written. He would be honoured. =D

Lorna said...

We get to love our blogging friends, don't we?

Mara said...

People who say it's only a virtual world and/or friendship obviously do not blog!

Sorry to hear about him passing.

Elisabeth said...

This is my first time meeting you on your blog AnvilCloud and I came to Barry's blog late in the piece but at least before the joyous bell ringing.

Your tribute here befits the man well. Thank you.

Kerry said...

The gift of music that you gave Barry was so wonderful. As I reflected on Barry yesterday I went back and played the video that Barry made with it. On that day at least, he was feeling no pain, only joy. What an amazing connection you made.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I always thought that the Wedding Waltz was the nicest thing anyone could do for Barry, especially knowing how his family history was so meaningful to him. You could tell how excited he was about the whole thing and I found that very moving and admirable.
Barry certainly had a unique trait when it came to writing and his whimsical weaving of words is what always led me back to his blog. It's like sometimes when you find a good book, it's just so hard to put down.
I will miss Barry and at the same time I am happy that the cancer is gone. I did home hospice for my mom until she had to go to the hospital months later. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
This was a nice post Anvilcloud and I am glad you wrote something. Barry would have been honored.

Ruth said...

I have to agree with Mara. Meaningful relationships do develop in cyberspace. I know Barry's life was enriched by friends like you.