Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden Stuff

I went out to do some dead-heading and found bees swarming my Monarda aka Bee Balm. Why bees would be interested in Bee Balm, I have no idea. If you check out the big version of the photos (hint hint), you can see Miss Bee holding onto the petal above its body with one leg. Her missiness is quite sharp and in focus in the large version.

Hanging On

The last plant to bloom in our garden is also the prettiest. This is the After Eight lily (so much like the famous Stargazer that I'm not sure what the difference is) at three different lengths of close-upedness. What beauties!

Finally for today: when I posted the picture of the weed growing out of the tiny hole in the bag of soil last week, I should have posted these two following pics as well. In that post, I think it was Kila who quoted a line from Jurassic Park. "Life finds a way," is how the quote went, I think.

Now look at the daylilies trying to grow in this bed ↓↓. They are of the common orange variety, and, me not much liking them, I dug them out earlier this year. "Not so fast AC: we're coming back." There's got to be the best part of a dozen little daylily plants striving to return to my garden and thwart me.

Then there is the maple tree, that we had cut down two years ago, in the other corner of the backyard, . It also refuses to give it up and keeps sending up branches. We've cut branches two or three times already, but they keep coming back (red leaves behind the geranium).

Indeed: life will find a way.


Diana said...

Yes it is amazing how some plants refuse to take the hint! Your flowers are beautiful AC! Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Had to blow the pink lily up to see the BIG size! Beautiful!!!
The Bee is a fantastic shot!!

Kila said...

Love your photos :)

The stargazer lily is my favorite flower.

Mara said...

I know what it feels like when plants and trees are coming back and back and back. And when I finally get rid of them, they come back in another part of my garden...

Beth said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.Iflorist.co.uk