Monday, July 19, 2010

Ye Dratted Olde Hipsters

It's been a month since I wrote briefly of the anticipation of our impending trip Down East. Now, with only a few days to go, both Cuppa and I find ourselves a little apprehensive because of old age creeping into our hips. We're not sure how the old hipsters will respond to so much car time. It's about an eighteen hour drive to our main destination, and although we plan on overnight breaks, we're still not sure how far we'll be able to go on any given day. So, how do we make plans on where to stay, and if we don't make plans, will every motel be filled in midsummer, particularly on a weekend? Sigh.

I already take Celebrex, which is very effective for certain aches and pains but doesn't seem to affect whatever is going on in my hip. The doctor has said that Tylenol for Arthritis often works well in conjunction with Celebrex; I haven't tried it yet, but we are now the proud owners of a bottle and live in hope. We don't leave until Friday, so we have a few days to dither and stew.

Meanwhile, above and below are pics of the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I'm not sure if we'll get there this time because our main stop is southern Nova Scotia, not northern, so we'll shall see what we shall see. I would like to visit up there again, both for the scenery and the culture — they sure know how to fiddle up there.

I wonder if this will be our last road trip? I hope not because I rather enjoy these trips once we are on our way: the getting ready hardly being a barrel of laughs, however.


Mara said...

Hopefully you will be able to enjoy this trip without too much bother from your hips.

Donna said...

Now, Don't put yourself in a funk even before the trip has Started! It's going to be FUN! You know the routine...Stop often, get out and stretch, have some coffee (don't forget the thermos!).
You can always call ahead or take your laptop to book your rooms.
I'm excited FOR y'all...
FUN...Think FUN!!Hahaa..

Diana said...

Jake likes the tylenol arthritis. Celebrex doesn't work for me but if I take darvocet BEFORE I have a lot to do,it helps a lot. Maybe if you just don't think about it, God will take over and give you two a nice break from the hippy troubles!!!
Love Di ♥

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, both Donna and Diana have the best recommendation - have fun and don't worry in adfvance. And take along the meds and stop often as needed. ENJOY!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh dear man, please don't Darvocet and drive. lol.

Bring pillows and place them under you and behind you as needed. Move 'em around often.

Good luck and have fun!!!

Bernie said...

Why would you even think this may be your last are still young and this is an adventure. If you can move rocks, soil and plant flowers you will manage a car trip. I do suggest stoping ever couple of hours to stretch out, and I just know you will have a wonderful time....Hugs

Ruth said...

Tylenol Arthritis works very well for sore joints. I always keep some with me although I don't take them very often. My most important accessories on a road trip are my own pillow and ear plugs. A good night's rest is the best way to avoid a stiff back and joints. I am sure your trip will be wonderful.

KGMom said...

Forsooth--bite thy tongue. Last road trip? Methinks not!
Begone dull thought.