Saturday, July 03, 2010

Finally: A Decision

After much dithering over cameras, I finally made the decision to buy a new super zoom lens for my old DSLR and put my order into Henrys. This will add little more lifespan to my old Digital Rebel but also, in effect, commits me to upgrading the camera at some future point. I thought of upgrading the camera first but figured that while lens technology doesn't change much, cameras just keep getting better and cheaper. So, when I do save enough pesos to buy a new camera, I should be able to purchase more with less than I could today.

I have pretty well come full circle as I had decided to do this many months ago. However, I got to looking around and considering other alternatives before getting back to my first thoughts.

Cameras seem to have become like computers: you just have to bite the bullet and resign you yourself to upgrading every five years or so.

Just because I can, here are a few pics to get us through the weekend.

His cuteness helps him to get away with his impyness

Sometimes you have to toot your own horn


Donna said...

Glad you bit the bullet! Have fun with your new toy!
Precious photos!!

Anonymous said...

Well we can look forward to some master photos now. I am lost when it comes to cameras. I have my little old Kodak, which is kind of hit or miss any more. Keep talking though I might learn something.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I'm sure will have much fun with the new lens, AC. And I agree with you about upgrading. In a few years, I may return to the digital SLRs but will wait until the smaller ones are more reasonable in cost as now only Lympus and Panasonic seem to be foced (bad pun) on these.

All the photos that will be posted on our bloog this weekend will have been taken with the new Pentzx X90 digital that I bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Just sold the Panasonic digital bought there about 8 mos ago.

let me know what you think of the results.

Great pics of the grandkids (as usual).

Anvilcloud said...

B, if you're talking about the new 4/3 cameras, they are very tempting. I might have considered them even more seriously if the prices weren't so high. But I'm sure they will come down if these cameras meet with some success.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

yes, Ac I was talking about these newer 4/3 cameras. Previously only Olympus and Panasonic had introduced models. Howefver, I just read an article that SOny has introduced 2 models. The more costly one lists about $700 and includes a lens as well. If I were to return to the DSLR area, smaller is definitely what I would get. GOod luck with the new lens you've ordered!

Pearl said...

new toy. lovely.

maybe sometime next year I'll get a second camera. I'd love to be able to lower lighting without a tripod. no idea what to get.

arvind said...

u put a lot of love on children..
everh photo - reveals ur love on them..

without that - the photos can't
express their feelings..

nice one - that too with the horn - stealler..